Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Today's the big day

Hello everyone. Today is April 17th. When I call it the big day, I'm not talking about taxes. I'm reminding all who haven't purchased Be Not Afraid, the 1st book in my Samantha Cain Mysteries, to order it today from Amazon.com or Amazonkindle.com to spike sales. If you already have it, I hope you buy it for a friend. The book makes a great birthday gift, mother's day or father's day gift...or just cause you plain want to do something-nice gift. Remember, book 2 of the series, Testimony of Innocence, will be coming out soon.

Last week Scott (my husband for you new readers) and I went to our nieces wedding. It was beautiful. And of course the bride out-shined the wedding. It was a nice little get-away for us. We got back before all this bad weather hit. More is coming unfortunately. I hope no tornadoes touched down in your area. This was a wide spread storm.

I hope all of you in the Ponchatula LA area are planning to attend Berries, Bridges, & Books Annual Conference. It's coming up on April 28th. For more info, go to my website: www.author-deborahlynne.com. All the details are there. I'll be one of the speakers. There will be many more. This is their third year and it's always jam-packed with plenty of punch for your bucks. Several workshops plus more. I hope to see you there. Something for every writer at whatever stage they are at in their career.

Since returning from the Writer's Conference in Florida I've had two articles posted in The Christian Post Magazine. What fun to write and then see them in print. I never thought I could write an article. You know they don't allow you too many words to write it...and all of you who know me, know I don't speak in short spurts. In my early years people called me Edith Bunker. I didn't get it then cause I didn't watch that TV show. Later, watching reruns with Scott I realized they were saying it takes me too long to get the point across. Sorry. I hope I'm doing better today.

I haven't written weekly on my blog, because I'm working on a novel for Oak Tara...and I'm doing research for my 3rd book in the Samantha Cain Series (also for Oak Tara). Of course I already know what's happening in the book. I wrote a rough outline, but there are things I need to learn about in the PI business and other things to make my book more real, so it will leap off the pages at you. Plus with the serious subject matter of kidnapping children, I want to be very accurate as well as entertaining.

I haven't mentioned the weight loss in a while. For a short period I was at a standstill. Then I gained a couple of pounds back...but I'm now at 32.5 pounds lost. Molly (my middle child -- adult) comes over every morning and we work out together. While she spends 20 minutes on the treadmill, I'm working out on the Chuck Norris machine--And then we swap for another 20 minutes. Hopefully in the next month or so we'll work up to 30 minutes on each machine. I tell you this, I feel better the days we stick to it. On the days we miss, I'm not as energetic. To lose weight, you have to eat less and move more. It's that simple. The hard part is sticking to it. But as we are finding out, we can do it ... AND SO CAN YOU, if you need to.

BTW, since today is 4/17, the day after the usual tax deadline, I hope you all have completed your taxes and sent them off. I think this year it was extended a couple of days, but don't quote me. Thank you Margie's Tax Service for doing ours.

Take care all, and I'll keep in touch.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Mark Your Calendar!!

Mark your calendars for April 17th

I'm excited to announce that my book, Be Not Afraid has a new face and is available now both in paperback and ebook form on Amazon.com.
Why do I ask that you mark your calendars for April 17th?  A one-day spike in sales can significantly increase the rank of my book on Amazon and even put it on track for a best-seller list that would allow even more people to hear about my book.  April 17th is the day that's been chosen to spike sales for Be Not Afraid.
To purchase your copy you must specifically  order from Amazon.com or Amazonkindle.com.
Also - once you've read my book (or any of my books) I ask that you post your review to encourage others to read it as well.
And remember - Book 2, *Testimony of Innocence* will be coming out later this year. You'll want to read book one in the series first...so why not purchase it April 17th.
To get more information about my book -- Go to my website www.author-deborahlynne.com to watch a trailer of the book, click here:  http://www.author-deborahlynne.com/#!books/vstc2=be-not-afraid