Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Frustration - Who needs it?

A Day of Frustration

Have you ever had “one of those days”? I have…just the other day. Everything that could go wrong, it seemed went wrong. At least that was how it hit me at the time.

I think things went wrong because I lost focus. We need to keep our minds fixed on what is in the here and now, what is important today. Don’t let your minds wander off track. I did this and paid highly for it. I paid with lost time, added tension, and loads of frustration.

Situations happen in each of our lives. We need to roll with the punches and not let them get us down. As  a believer, I can turn my troubles over to the Lord and let Him carry the burdens, and He will give me rest. It tells me so in Matthew 11:28. The sad part is, I don’t always do that…turn my burdens over to Him, immediately. Instead I choose to hold on to them, wallow in the troubles for a while. That doesn’t help. It only makes matters worse.

How can you turn troubles over so easy you ask? You do it, by sharing your woes with The Lord, and asking Him to take them over. (and try to leave them with Him!) We usually call this turning over of our burdens, laying our problems at the foot of the cross. Jesus died on the cross baring our sins so we don’t have to. Once you’ve turned your situation over to Him, you then want to focus on the good, the favor, God has and is pouring into your life. Sometimes it’s a collection of small things. This is good. Other times it could be one small or one very big blessing.

I have a big one to celebrate. My new book – After You’re Gone is being printed as I type. The book should be ready for the public any time now. Yea!!!

Isn’t it beautiful? A romance. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. My critique partners and friends who helped me tighten it up and get it ready for my publisher, I can’t thank them enough. Girls, it’s coming out any day!! I know they are as excited about it as I am.

Another favor or blessing coming my way is, I’ll be at the Jambalaya Writer’s Conference and Book Fair on March 22 in Houma, Louisiana. I’ll add more details on my web site as it gets closer.

Also the book video for my newest book - After You're Gone will be available for your viewing soon.

In the mean time, I know I haven’t written a blog in a while, but those who know me, know my life has been a little busy lately. If you’ve been a Deborah Lynne reader since my books hit the stands back in December of 2007, then you may recall my husband battling cancer due to Agent Orange back in 2010 & 2011. It’s back again. Cancer of any kind is horrible, but this bout has hit my husband pretty hard, not to mention all the trouble he just went through from September through January with having his veins blocked and blood not flowing as it should. Six or seven hospital visits along with whatever treatment or procedure he received, wore him down. In mid January the news about the cancer returning was a strong blow.

Praise God, our faith will sustain us and get us through this again. Another scripture (can’t say which one) talks about us (believers) being knocked down 2 times but getting up 3 times. That’s us. No matter how many times the devil tries to knock us down, we’ll be getting back up.

So keep my husband in your prayers…for strength, for perseverance, and for continuing faith.

Normally this would be the time I’d share a few writing tips, continuing in the layering of our novels. I hope you don’t mind waiting a little longer for that. In the mean time, you who write – keep on writing. AND you who read, keep on reading. The two go so well together. We writers, thank you who read. We hope you enjoy what we’re blessed in getting out to the public.

And don’t forget, in a few more months my books will go nation wide through a few chain stores. I can’t wait…but I have to. All of you who read Deborah Lynne novels, tell your friends they may want to check out one of your authors. I’d appreciate it.

God bless you all. Take care and ENJOY EACH MOMENT OF EACH DAY!