Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Good Morning Sunshine

Hello everyone. If you woke to the same thing I did this morning, the sun wasn't shining. I stepped out on the deck, and I sensed the freshness. God had cleaned the earth (at least my little part of it) yesterday and again this morning. Check out my flowers. They are loving it!

See what a glorious job the sweet rain did for my flowers and plants. My husband and God take care of them. Anyone who knows me know I destroy plants. Don't get me wrong. I don't mean to. The second picture usually has the Gerber daisies mixed with other flowers that the seeds have been dropped by birds or transported by the wind. Those little blue flowers (look close up - they are gorgeous) only open in the morning. Also I was told its a morning glory weed...but man what a beautiful weed. We decided to keep letting them grow. When the Gerber daisies (yellow, red, and mixed), the purple impatience (I think) and the little red flowers bloom all at once, talk about a beautiful bouquet. Anyway, this morning I enjoyed going out on the deck after the rain. The sunshine I talked about in the title was you all who are reading my blog. Good morning.

Things are happening in my life. As I showed you the sneak peak of my new book Testimony of Innocence, it is now out. There was a little glitch with amazon.com and amazonkindle.com when it was first released and Ingram for bookstores to order through. The book side was fixed enough for some people to order the hard copy, but for the ebook they were still working on it. All will be fine soon. (In the meantime and as always you can order it straight from OakTara's bookstore and get a 15% discount on any OakTara book--50% if you're a bookclub, school, bookstore, or library ordering 10 or more) My regular saying for all will be fine soon is, "all in God's time." I love that saying so much it was the title for one of my books, or maybe that's when it became my favorite saying. Who knows? Anyway, I was spotlighted on OakTara's website. Check it out. I think it's still there today. Deborah Lynne's page at OakTara  (I just looked. They are spotlighting another author today (which is great for him). Sorry. I knew it was for a few days only. So I changed the link to my page on the OakTara website. They mention I have 3 other books besides the 2 with them, but only give 2 titles. The one not mentioned is Passion from the Heart. You can buy it at a LifeWay near you. Too see all my books, go to my website. Click Here. On the website, browse through it all. I think you'll like it. And you know, I'd appreciate you "liking" it there and on facebook as well as sharing me with your friends. Also once you've read one of my books, feel free to send me a review through "contact" and I'll post it on my website. (bad or good, but hopefully it will be good) :)

Let's talk about upcoming events. Those too are listed on my website, with more to come. 

THIS SATURDAY, 9/22/12 the is a FREE all-day workshop at the Denham Springs/Walker Library. More info on my website, check it out--There will be several authors sharing information on several subjects. Aspiring authors don't want to miss it. Authors who are already published may learn more. I know I will. I feel as a writer we should never stop growing. So come on down. Register today. Phone number on my website under EVENTS.

9/27/12 - The Bible and Book Center on Government (in Baton Rouge) will be hosting my first book signing for my newest book, Testimony of Innocence. They always have so much to chose from in way of nice gifts for weddings, birthdays, just because you want to be nice to someone, and any other occasion you can think of. I got the coolest brown/pink LSU flip-flops this summer. (oops, a gift for me) Their store is fun to shop in...and to meet local authors. Janet (co-owner) is very friendly and loves to promote us...we love her. (I love them all!) Details also listed on my website.

10/20/12 - Barnes and Noble in Mandeville has a book signing planned for me. Details for that...again on my website. Their bookstore may be a part of a huge conglomerate but the people who work there are pure southern sweetness. They are so hospitable. Everyone makes you feel so welcome and part of their family. I love visiting there when I'm in the area.

THE LOUISIANA BOOK FESTIVAL - is coming this year on 10/27/12. I have a booth with another author, Allyn Stotz. She writes children's books. We are planning to have a drawing after the festival. Every person who purchases our books, their names will go in to this drawing...one for every book they purchase.  So the more you buy, the bigger chance you have of winning. The winner will receive a $100 Visa gift card. I love the festival every year (except 2010 when we didn't have it). It's right there on the grounds of the capital and the streets of downtown near the Louisiana State Library. A true southern site. It may be cold in October in some areas of the U.S. but down here fall usually is perfect weather...a brisk breeze in the air, leaves turning colors, people walking around in sweatshirts or sweaters, but nothing too heavy. (sometimes we still wear shorts, that depends on how cool, cool is). Anyway, I hope to see you all there. So many authors from Louisiana will be there. It's your chance to meet them all. Details are on my website.

Well I've been talking...or should I say typing for over an hour. I need to work on my talk for Saturday. This time I'm speaking on writing mystery and suspense. I hope you'll come see me there.

Take care and everyone have a blessed day.