Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Farewell to Scott

            Although Scott, my husband, passed on into Eternity March 2, 2014, I will see him again. I don’t know how long it will be as to when that happens. Only God knows. In the meantime, we celebrated his parting. Oh, don’t get me wrong. His friends and family (& me) were crushed, saddened, and very unhappy at his passing…for us. For Scott, we rejoiced!

            Many of his family and friends came to say a farewell. We started by singing glorious happy songs, knowing Scott was no longer suffering, knowing he was in Heaven with The Lord basking in the light. No pain. No suffering. After singing songs of joy, several stood and shared a memory or a thought about Scott. Some went back over 50 years, while others were very fresh memories. Tears touched most every eye in the church. Molly, our middle child, shared Scott’s testimony, how he came to know the Lord in 2010 and has been living joyfully even through the pain. Praise God, Scott had God as his anchor even in the midst of the turbulent waters his life had him swimming. Rachael, our oldest daughter followed with her memories and growth in their father/daughter relationship, sharing her thanks in having him as her Pop. Two of my grandsons, Koby and Scotty, had their mother share their thoughts on Pawpaw with the world. Koby attempted, but the tears strangled out his words. Hearing these shared emotions about my dear husband touched me more than I could ever say. I am grateful and blessed to know my husband was loved by so many. I assure you, he loved them as well.

            The celebration didn’t stop there. Meagan, the music leader put pictures together from Scott’s life and shared him in a visual way. Every picture showed that brilliant smile. Sometimes the face he projected was funny, making faces with his grandchildren, trying to match them, one-on-one, but he was always handsome. She even slipped in a video here and there, so his voice talking with his youngest grandson, Eli, was caught on digital disk forever, or at least for as long as it endures. Another great part of the celebration. Here is the link so you can click on it and enjoy a piece of Scott’s smile yourself. I guarantee it will brighten your day.  Richard Scott Craft memorial .

            Pastor Philip Pimlott, shared a phenomenal message which I’m sure touched everyone’s heart. The celebration ended with Pastor P’s dad, Pastor Allen Pimlott, singing a song “Learning to Lean on Jesus,” a song he sang to Scott in the hospital. The first time Scott not only enjoyed it but told me so afterwards how much it meant to him. The second time was shortly before he passed, while he lay in the bed not opening his eyes. As the song touched his ears, he opened his eyes wide for only a brief second, and then closed them again. I knew the music had reached his heart and gave him another shot of joy.

            My son Christopher held my hand through the entire celebration. He helped me make it through saying farewell to Scott for the last time. The next time we meet will be in heaven.  As heavy as my heart is, I know Scott is still smiling.

            I want to thank everyone who has been praying for him over these past few years. Know that not only had God healed him a few times and allowed him to stay down here with us, this last time God took Scott home to be in great health for eternity.

            This blog I paid tribute to my husband and I hope you all enjoyed it. We’ll get back to the writing on the next one. I have a lot of great news to share, but it will wait. God bless you all.