Tuesday, August 28, 2012

There is a storm a brewing!

Hello all.

Tropical Storm Isaac is still moving in the gulf. News people expect it to hit land at the southeast tip of our great state of Louisiana. We in Baton Rouge have a relatively quiet morning with a steady gentle breeze blowing outdoors. Squalls expected to increase by late afternoon or early evening with even a few power outages possible. Tomorrow will be prolonged winds and hurricane gusts with heavy rains. So people in our area make sure you do your running around this morning...then go home and stay safe. Everyone pray for the people of New Orleans and surrounding areas. They've seen much worse so I'm sure they are making great preparations. By the traffic slowly moving north and westbound through Baton Rouge yesterday we believe a lot of NO citizens evacuated. And the people who use these things as opportunities to do destructive things and/or line their own pockets--SHAME ON YOU.

This storm too, shall pass. So everyone just keep your eyes on the Lord and let the Holy Spirit lead you to make the right moves and stays.

OKAY everyone. Good news! An update on Testimony of Innocence, book 2 of the Samantha Cain series. I got the proofs yesterday afternoon, well evening, when we got home and I pulled up my email. So I started working on them and will be getting back to them this morning. I thought I'd shoot a new blog out to update all.

sneak peak at the cover:

Also my publisher, Ramona Tucker, asked me to send her my next manuscript, Lean on Me. As I told you before, I finished it up a few weeks ago and was ready to send when/if she requested it. Praise God, she did and with today's electronic mail it's already in Chicago.

Boy do I remember the days of the postal mail. After working 6 months to a year on a manuscript (and of course no computer so it was typed on a Selectric typewriter until no more errors could be found) you bound it with a huge clip (after making a copy), dropped it at the post office, and then went home and waited, and waited, and waited. Six months later you'd get your reply. In the beginning for me, all were rejections but with encouraging words. I can only recall one that was a note so short and generic, they could have put it on a sticky note. Well those encouraging words kept me moving forward and I thank God for always having the right person at the right time in my path. So you writers working on a novel or a poem, don't give up. Keep writing, keep submitting, keep dreaming and one day it will come true if you hold on to it and push forward.

Attention writers who read my blog -- Coming September 22 a free all-day writer's workshop will be held at the Denham Springs/Walker Library. This workshop will start at 10 AM and run till 4 PM. Published authors will be speaking on the following subjects to help writers waiting to get their first book published and published authors fine tune and grow their work in progress. (which I believe should fit all of us...as a writer we should never stop growing)...

          SCI-FI -- FANTASY -- HORROR

Authors speaking on these subjects are Randell Nall, Kathy Mayeaux, Katie Wainwright, Catherine Cliffor, Gladys Ford, Michael Verrett, Deborah Lynne, & Steve Brunet. We hope to see all of you there.

Now I'm going to sign off. Remember the storm and know it too will pass. Keep pressing forward.

Love y'all.