Monday, August 19, 2013

It's a new day!!

Hello everyone.

It has been a while since I've written in my blog. Things have been happening. I'll share some of those well as I have a surprise for you at the end. SO KEEP READING!

Let me start by saying on July 15th my newest grandson, Eli, came into this world. It was a difficult delivery but mother (Molly) and son made it through. Local grandparents (Scott & I), the boys (Scotty & Koby), and our pastor Phil, (Eli's name sake- Elijah Phillip Moore) and his son Luke had it rough (ha-ha) waiting in a huge waiting room and visiting the cafeteria, while Kelly (Pastor's wife) and Pete (Molly's hubby and Eli's daddy) pushed Molly and Eli through delivery. Eli's grandparents who live in England probably had it tougher than us, since they couldn't be here waiting it out. Nana (Janet-Pete's mom) was thrilled to see pictures of her grandson. Molly's keeping them flowing on facebook.

All-in-all, it was a great day! (in the picture below you catch a peak at Kelly and her little baby bump in the background. She's due in October, I believe.)

Isn't he adorable. That was him right after birth, a little over a month ago. He's so alert now. It's fun to hold him and watch him study your face or respond to your voice. Here is a more recent picture. Not that it shows his alertness...but babies sleep. What can I say?

It's a new day, it's a new life. Isn't God good. Eli sleeps in such peace. That's another thing I love to do, watch him sleep. Suddenly a sweet smile will touch his lips. People say that it's It's joy. He's seeing images that make him happy, or thinking pleasant thoughts. When he has gas, we know it and he knows it. Look at that handsome face!! Nana says he looks just like Pete when he was a baby.

Another big thing that happened in this period of silence -- I turned the big 60. Guess what? I feel no different from when I turned 50. I remember thinking how old 60 was when I was a kid. I was so wrong. Sixty is just another number. In fact, for my birthday, Scott took me to the beach to celebrate. He knows that's my favorite place to be. Below is a picture of the view from our room.

We spent a few days soaking in the rays, playing in the water, and having fun...just the two of us. It's been almost 42 years and it keeps getting better. I am so blessed.

My son (Chris) and his wife (Rosie) bought a new home. This one is still in Baton Rouge (yeah!!). They got a great deal and a great home. I'm very proud of them and for them.

Our daughter in California (Rachael) has also moved. She's still in northern California (not Louisiana sad to say, but happy for her). She moved from Dublin to Livermore, moving closer to her job and her friends, and activities she's involved with in the evenings and weekends. She too got a bigger place. Rachael said next time we come out west, instead of kicking her out of her room, she now has a guest room so we can stay longer. Isn't that sweet.

NOW for more big news. My next book-The Truth Revealed. It's scheduled out by the end of the month with Oak Tara's bookstore and the first week of September for the nation. Not sure that's going to happen at this time...a small delay I do believe. The good news is my editor/publisher, Ramona, is well and back to work. I didn't realize how concerned I was for her health until I got the confirmation she was back. You know my faith. I KNOW pray is answered. I KNOW God is in the healing business--we are healed by His blood. I KNOW Ramona's faith is strong in God's word, so why was I getting worried? Yes. I'll use the word I don't like to use cause the Bible tells me--to worry about nothing and pray about everything...which I usually do. But I was "in the world"or "in the flesh" as you might say because when I didn't get a response from her (Ramona) directly, I panicked. Instead of panicking I should have been resting on believing she was back, 100%, and hoping she wasn't overdoing it. The woman never stops! She's like the EverReady battery, the pink bunny (with red hair). I think I've told you this before. Anyway, I worried...but when I got word from one of the OT workers Ramona was back, a peace covered me again. I needed it. With it, I'm back to work on the romance I've been working on -- hopeful to complete by the end of September. It should have been finished in July. I really want to get to work on my new Young Adult fiction series - Lincoln Parks' Adventures. As a writer, you have to keep writing. Sometimes I let my emotions tug me off course. That's not a good thing. A writer needs to keep writing, keep growing, keep learning, keep reading, and just keep on moving forward!! I still don't have a definite on The Truth Revealed, book 3 of The Samantha Cain Series, release date, but when I do, I'll let you know.

Also I mentioned before, the GREAT thing Oak Tara has done for their writers...I think I told you...If not, I'll reveal it now. In 2014 Oak Tara novels (including mine: Be Not Afraid, Testimony of Innocence, & Crime in The Big Easy--maybe even The Truth Revealed and then my romance I'm working on now) will go in chain stores across America. As I've told you before, Oak Tara, my publishing company is growing more and more every year. I was blessed to be connected to them for as a writer I'm growing as well. All of you who write, know how hard it is to get your books in the stores, bookstores, libraries, schools, and anywhere else a book can get them to go into these places without you having to do the pushing. What a blessing! What a relief!! Oak Tara has opened the doors to Deborah Lynne's novels. YES! All of you who read my blog, my website, and my facebook that I tell about my newest release (who don't live in the Baton Rouge area) will still be able to order my books as you've been doing BUT in 2014 you can run to your local WalMart or one of the other chain stores (don't know their names yet, but when I do I will pass them on) and pick up my book as your buying groceries or whatever you've run into the store to get. My local readers will be able too also. Isn't that EXCITING??? It is for me too.

Another note on Deborah Lynne novels...not only are they in the library in Livingston Parish, but now
they are in the East Baton Rouge Parish Libraries as well. This too is so exciting to me as a writer. Sure we want our books to sell, but more than that we (I) want our (my) books to be read and enjoyed by all.

Now for the big surprise I have for you. Another interview.

Everyone enjoyed the interview of Elaine Grant, the author of The Caverns and many more. Now I'm interviewing Sylvia Rochester, author of several novels. Read and enjoy:

1.  How long have you been writing?

            First, thanks for having me on your blog.

            I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, I’ve always conjured up stories.   During high school and college, I turned to writing poetry.  Then, about fifteen years ago, I decided to write a novel.  Boy, was I in for a surprise and a long learning curve.  But I’ve got to say, it’s been a wonderful journey.

2.  How many books have you had published? (and their titles)

            To date, I have eight published books.
            The Sweet Smell of Death, When Evil Loves, Come Back My Love, Shadow of the Soul, Courage to Care, Da Vinci’s Lost Years, Deadly Illusion, and Disrobed for Death.

3.  What made you start? 

            I was inspired by the works of other authors, especially the classics.

            I believe we all have a story to tell, and the ones running through my mind were screaming to be heard.

4.  Do you enjoy writing?

            Oh, yes!  Some say the life of a writer is a lonely one.  I disagree.  I might be the only tangible person in the room, but I’m surrounded by a host of characters, all vying to be heard.

5.  What is the name of your latest novel? Tell us a little bit about it.

            Disrobed for Death, Book 1 in the Bawdy Boutique Series.

            Susan Griffin awakes from surgery with one thought—how to stop a murder before it happens.  Only the intended victim refuses to believe that she has foreseen his death.  Worse yet, she hasn’t a clue as to the murderer, and the day of reckoning is but two weeks away.

            As owner of the Bawdy Boutique, Susan’s forte is fashion and frills, not murder and mayhem, so she calls on the two people she trusts the most--Wesley Grissom, a detective with whom she hopes to rekindle a past relationship, and her assistant manager,      A. K. Williams, a forty year old cougar who’s game for anything.  But when Susan uncovers a conspiracy, she finds herself in over her head and dead wrong as to the killer.

            If you like your mystery with a dash of humor and a can-do heroine, this one’s for you.

6.  Have you started book two in the series? Can you give us a sneak peak?

            Book 2, The Corpse Wore Cashmere, is with the editor and due for release February, 2014.

Susan’s vision comes true when Palmetto’s flotilla recovers the remains of a missing resident.  A witness and the victim’s prior employment point to the Mississippi Gulf coast where the annual pirates’ festival is in full swing.  When a swank Biloxi casino contacts the Purple Pickle to supply costumes, Susan and A. K. jump at the chance.  But even the best costumes can’t hide the real evil, and before the weekend is over, no one is safe. 

A. K. wants only a weekend of fun.  Susan, on the other hand, can’t wait to question employees and maybe discover a motive for the murder.  Spurred on by her visions, she ignores warning signs and soon finds herself in the clutches of a killer.  When the local authorities attempt to execute an arrest warrant, the investigation turns upside down, and suspects become victims.

7.  Give us your website so everyone reading this interview can go view not only your books, but also see the gift of art you share with the world as well.

     You can also visit me on Face Book.  Ask to friend me.

8.  Where is the next place you will be signing your book? (give place and time and any details you want to share)

            So glad you asked.  Get ready, Hammond, LA.  Disrobed for Death, Book 1 of the Bawdy Boutique Series, will be available at the Bra la Vie boutique, 221 W. Thomas Street on Saturday, August 24, 2013 from 2 to 4.  Be prepared.  It’s not your typical book signing.  You’ll be greeted by girls in lingerie on swings in the display windows, bubbles machine will be in full force, and I will be wearing red, silk pajamas.  Wine, tea, and refreshments will be served.  Hope you can make it.

* * *

Thank you Sylvia for taking time to chat with me. Keep writing and painting so we can keep enjoying your gifts.

            Thank you, Debbie, for your hospitality.  I look forward to new releases from you, too. 


Wasn't that fun??!! I can see Sylvia in red silk PJ's. She is a tall woman who probably could have been a model had she not gotten into world traveling, seeing the darker sides of the world through her military background (I believe). And I love what she said about even when she is alone in a room writing, she may be the only tangible body in the room but she's surrounded by a host of characters...that is so true. I'm like her. I love being a writer and wouldn't change it for the world. BTW, I've read Disrobed for Death and it was great! A real page turner with a lot of laughs, hoots, and serious moments. I can't wait for book 2!!

God bless you all. And to my writer readers - Keep writing!!