Thursday, March 7, 2013

Reached out around the world--

Hello everyone.

Talk about a blast, a feeling so exhilarating that I can't even describe it. As you know, I've been telling you all about the interview that was set for 2/28. Cynthia Brian on StarStyle, Be The Star You Are planned to interview me. When I first received her email asking if I'd like to be interviewed, I was shocked...but then I remembered I'd been declaring big blessings in my life while reading Joel Osteen's book. Not only did I read one declaration a day and what he had written, but the next day I read the new one plus the old ones, from the day or days prior...until I reached day 31. I also found Scripture to back up the declarations, because not only does God tell us to call things that aren't as though they were, He tells us to back our prayers with His Word, strengthening the prayer. I thought,  why not do it with the declarations. The power of the Word!! Wow. And then their email came to me.

Thank You, Lord. Of course I still prayed about it before accepting. And then, the human in me, as the day and the hour approached, started getting nervous. I mean, their talk show reaches 219 countries and over 4 million listeners. Little ol' Deborah Lynne from Baton Rouge. When it was only one hour to interview, my best friend forever (BFF) called me and asked if I wanted her to pray with me. She knew I was letting flesh override truth of resting on The Lord and I was becoming a nervous wreck. Well honey, she prayed and I agreed with her prayer and those little nerve issues started falling away. After thanking her, I still had 45 minutes to kill, so I sat down and decided to watch another day of Jeremy Pearsons and his wife Sarah who had been on Kenneth Copeland's talk show. I record it daily and watch at different times. Anyway -- only God could have me watch this day on the subject they shared. Backing it with Scripture (which is my favorite thing people can do, cause if the Word says it, it's the truth), they showed when we start getting all nervous and stuff, its because we're relying on ourselves. We're worried we'll mess up or something. Anyway, it was the last bit of encouraging word I needed to have me totally relaxed knowing God was over my interview in a few short minutes. He was!!

Well today -- those of you who missed it, CAN HEAR IT NOW! My IT lady just put it on my web site for your enjoyment. It was 20 minutes long, so its a two part player. I couldn't get it to play at first, but I was single clicking. Double click on the track and it works every time. Anyway, I hope you will take time to go to my website and listen in. She made it easy. You can click on the WorldTalkRadio icon or click media page...then an arrow points you to the tracks. Double click on the first one, and when it is through, double click the second one.

I actually received several emails after the show was live. Enjoyed reading all of them. People are so kind. I hope those of you who are listening to it now, take a moment to respond. I'd love to hear from you. Email me at

More news! This Monday, I'll be talking to fourth graders. I thought it was going to be my little great niece's class, but found out last night it's all the 4th grade classes, and that means about 50 children. I am so excited. The school really encourages children to be creative in the arts...singing, playing instruments, painting, writing.... I am so honored to get to talk to them. Of course, when my niece told me the number my mind freaked, but then I knew this too was part of God blessing me and growing me. And I know what He sends me to do, He will go with me and help me do it right. No fear or worry here. ISN'T THIS EXCITING!!

I also want to remind all of you in the Baton Rouge area and surrounding towns, I have another signing coming up on 3/23. Check out my website for details on the event page. Come have some coffee with me. It's a cute coffee house and I'm looking forward to the face-to-face contact with my readers that I so love.