Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My First Article

Hey guys. I know when I first started blogging I planned to write once a week. Life doesn't always allow. Or maybe sometimes I feel there is nothing newsworthy or joy-worthy to share. Well I have it now!!!

My first article is on The Christian Post. I hope you will take a moment to check it out. Comments are welcomed.   http://blogs.christianpost.com/bindings/i-hated-to-read-now-i-write-books-8832/  Just click on the link and it should take you right there. 

I am so blessed with Oak Tara. Co-founder, Ramona Tucker, is my Editor and she believes in me. That has always been a dream of mine since I first started writing 26 years ago. What a blessing!!! She encouraged me to write a couple of articles...actually more as they come, and already she got one of them posted in The Christian Post.

For those of you who read my blog and are writers, authors of books or poetry, the best way to get your name out there is through writing articles for magazines or emagazines that have a base of readers who may be interested in your writing. They reach so many people, and in turn, your articles advertise you and the way you write. And when they see you have books or a website, they may check you out...and hopefully become an avid fan.

Life is so good.

I'm about to take a short trip with my best friend, Emy. Her son will turn 25 this Sunday. For a gift she is giving him her Ford Mustang. He drove it before he got his new car. She too got a new car, but kept her mustang and kept it up. She loves it. So as she loves her son, and he always liked it, she's giving her car to her son and his wife. What a sweetie she is. We're driving up to Illinois and taking the AMTRAK back. How cool. I haven't ridden a train since I was a young girl.

Also, I'll be teaming up with my new writer friend, Allyn Stotz. She writes children's books. Adorable. Check her out. Anyway, we are going to put our heads together and see if we can reach out to some places (Book stores and such) to go share what God is doing in our lives. Any suggestions, send comment or suggestion via email. Would love to hear from you.

Speaking of hearing from you, some have figured out how to place the comments. You GO GIRLS & BOYS! Keep it up. But no problem for those of you who it won't let you, I'll still take your emails. @   deblynne8@gmail.com

Have a great week. Remember, sometimes my blog will be bi-weekly and/or sometimes monthly...weekly when a lot is going on. Right now I'm trying to do a lot of writing...The Truth Revealed, Book 3 of Samantha Cain Mysteries, and Lean On Me, a stand alone for Oak Tara to look at...and don't forget the one I've been working with on and off again, After You're Gone. Keep me in your prayers that God will keep the stories coming. AND go to Amazon.com and order one. All my books are available there. Easy to order. Easy to get. AND Be Not Afraid, new release of the book is available. Its awesome. I hope I shared a picture of the cover last blog. In case I didn't, I'll add the flyer from my media kit that shows the book and tells more. Enjoy.

Talk to you later!  Bye now!

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