Thursday, June 27, 2013

Good News in many ways

Good morning to all. My last blog was a little depressing. For those of you who know me personally, you know that is not me. I don't get down or worried. I try to stay upbeat no matter what is going on around me. In fact, some of my friends call me Pollyanna. Well the sunshine is up on the horizon.

Scott (my husband for you new readers) had 3 doctor appointments in 2 days. The first removed skin cancer from his face again. This time it was on the side of his face near the temple. The good news is they got it all and Doc said its the kind of skin cancer, if you get skin cancer, you want it to be. Not bad at all. They looked at the scar from the removal of the skin cancer that had been next to his nose and said it healed nicely. (surgery a few months back). The next good news came yesterday. He saw both his oncologist and his pulmonary doctor. The symptoms he's been experiencing that mirrored the symptoms from three years ago -- they do not believe the cancer is back. Although X-rays showed them the possibility was there which planted the fear in all of our heads a month ago, after doing a CT scan last week, they believe the earlier X-ray that lead them to run the CT scan was showing the pneumonia coming on...remember he was in the hospital for 4 days with antibiotics being pumped into his body. NO CANCER WAS FOUND! You can't beat that. He goes back in 1 month, so they can keep a close eye on his lungs. Thanks for all of the prayers. We appreciated them.

More good news -- My middle child, Molly, who is pregnant with her 3rd child is getting ready for delivery. Eli (the baby) has gotten in position and has dropped. She doesn't believe he'll be holding out to July 21 (Scott's birthday), but that's okay. Eli is big, strong, and healthy...and it looks like he's ready to pop out any day.

Last week I took a trip to Virginia to visit a writer friend of mine. We met years ago before either of us were published...but both with a burning desire to see our works in print. Today we are living the dream within us. Life as a writer. It was a great visit. We saw a little history and met up with some of her newer writer friends at a place called -- The Mudhouse Coffee House. It was pretty cool. The five of us sat around with our laptops open, chatting, sipping brew, and writing at the same time. I actually managed to finish one chapter and write a few pages in the next chapter. We had a great time.

A great idea hit me while my friend, Elaine Grant, and I were sitting out on the upstairs porch talking writing. I had just finished reading her latest book--the first in a series--and she was telling me about the plans for book 2 and book 3 of the series. I said I need to interview you for my blog. So I did. I'm going to copy and paste it below. Check it out.


I’d like to welcome – Elaine Grant, a fellow author, and an amazing writer … I knew this the first day I read a manuscript she had been writing. Her words flowed beautifully, painting a picture in your mind. Her characters are well developed and bring the story to life. Join me as I ask her a few questions. You won’t be sorry.

1.     What type of books do you write, Elaine?

I write contemporary romance, suspense, paranormal and historical, all of which contain a love story.

2.     Do you enjoy writing?

I do enjoy writing though like any occupation, it has its ups and downs, frustrating times as well as joy filled moments.  Holding a book and knowing it is my own unique creation is always a thrill.

3.     How many of your books have been published? And how many of them are still available?

I have five published books.  Make Believe Mom, An Ideal Father, and No Hero Like Him are published by Harlequin.  All are still available in ebook format at Amazon.  My last two from Mountain Writer Publishing, Roses for Chloe and The Caverns are available on Kindle in ebook format as well as trade paperback from Amazon.

4.     What is the name of your latest novel you’ve had published? Tell us about it…

The Caverns is my latest.  Seventeen years after leaving his small hometown of
Cumberland Cove, Tennessee to serve a prison term for the death of a high school friend, Cade Youngblood returns to bury his beloved uncle.  Still the pariah of the village, he enlists the aid of his former high school sweetheart, now a Cumberland Cove police officer, to help him clear his name.  But some folks don't forgive or forget and at least one is willing to kill to protect a dark secret. 

The kernel of this idea came to me while visiting Tuckaleechee Caverns near Townsend Tennessee.  And yes, some of the action takes place in "The Caverns."
I just received word that The Caverns is a finalist in the Tampa Bay Area RWA 2013 TARA Contest.

5.     Congratulations!! Where can we find your novel? And is it available for our electronic readers?

The three books from Harlequin are available for all e-readers at Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Kobo, etc.  Roses for Chloe and The Caverns are only available for Kindle at this point, although they may become more widely distributed at a later date.

6.  Will there be a sequel to The Caverns?

Yes, The Valley is the next in The Tennessee Mountain Home Series, and should be available in the Fall.  The Mountain, the third book in the series, is slated for a Christmas release.

7.    Can you tell us a little about these next books coming out?

The Valley and The Mountain will continue the lives of Scottie, Cade, Trish, Nick and the other characters of Cumberland Cove as well as introducing more people as time goes by.


I’ll let you all in on a little secret. I’ve read The Caverns and it was fantastic…a great page-turner.  You won’t want to put it down. There is one thing I need to say, there are a couple of curse words in the novel…but I found I skipped right past those few words. You can too, cause I promise, you don’t want to miss this read. (I only point this out because those of you who read my blog know I write in the Inspirational line of fiction and normally that is the line I choose to read. But there are a few authors who write such compelling works, that I read them too -- and Elaine Grant is one of them.)

I hope those of you who love mystery, suspense, and even thrillers, make sure you get The Caverns. You won’t regret it. 

You can go to my website and look under my recommendations of other authors to read, or go straight to hers

Take care and have a blessed day.


  1. Thanks for the shout out in your blog, Debbie! I very much enjoyed your visit and hope you'll come back often.

    Such great news about Scott! We knew it, though, didn't we, deep in our hearts.

    Let me know when Eli comes


  2. What an awesome read here.. such wonderful news about dad. I will share with Ms. Nancy at church so she can send out a praise report.
    I'm glad you're not down - because that IS NOT YOU! And you know, I've noticed it..the gals in bible study and I prayed for you because I was concerned. You are the pollyanna of 2013 and you need to stay that way. The world needs more pollyannas. :) I love you and so happy that you got to go on a trip and relax and enjoy with your bud... I wish I had been a fly on the wall, though..Would have loved hearing those conversations. Can't wait to read next blog.. keep them coming. Dad's testimony, which is part of your testimony .. they're so encouraging, so encouraging.

  3. Molly fixed my settings on the blog for receiving comments. Somehow I had them blocked. Sorry.

    I received a couple of emails and I'll copy and paste the part referring to blog. (I cut out personal stuff when I copied and pasted the responses.


    Rachael Craft
    12:03 PM (47 minutes ago)

    to me
    Looks like I've found a new book to read...The Caverns. Thanks for interviewing Elaine or I never would've known it was my kind of read.


    11:44 AM (1 hour ago)

    Hi Deb,
    I got all excited when I saw your header- "Good News." I hoped you had news on your book through Oak Tara. However, the news you gave was even better. PRAISE GOD for Scott's healings..... And your up and coming new grandson. The info. on writer Elaine was great. Thanks-and keep me posted.

    Hugs from upstate NY,


    Guidroz, Charlotte
    11:48 AM (1 hour ago)

    Wonderful new indeed!

    How exciting about Eli’s coming…..

    Charlotte Garrett Guidroz


  4. Deborah Murray
    6:34 PM (2 hours ago)


    Praise God for Scott's good news. I have been praying for y'all.

    Wow, a new grand baby. Congrats.

    Deby Murrray


  5. Sylvia Rochester
    3:42 PM (5 hours ago)

    Great news about Scott and Molly.
    Enjoyed your interview with Elaine.
    I never can comment on your blog…it won’t work for me.

    Sylvia Rochester ~ EPIC winner – 2009 & 2011

  6. So glad to hear the good news about Scott and Molly. Elaines book, The Caverns sounds awesome. I wish her tons of success with it!

    Stay positive, lady... I depend on it! lol

  7. Great news on Scott! Looking forward to meeting Eli. Enjoyed your interview with Elaine. Keep smiling, it increases your face value!

  8. Congratulations! I am so happy ya'll have gotten such good news about Mr. Scott! That is awesome! And little Eli, I am so excited for ya'll over him!
    Sounds like you had a lot of great writerly fun with your friends. :D Wow, you must have really been inspired to write pages and pages while you were visiting. In the time I write, I have trouble writing more than 1, 1 1/2 pages. A 3-page night is a really good night for me. My perfectionism at work, I guess.
    I liked your interview; a nice change, and a neat piece. :) Had a little trouble reading some of the words in your parts with the font you had, but I think it was a little smaller than last time, and that was the problem. Otherwise, I was great.
    Again, sooo happy everything is going well for ya'll, good news on good news!


  9. Deborah,

    This is all such great news!! I enjoyed the interview as well but have to admit I'm jealous. My books are centered around the Smokies and I was hoping to be the first published author of those type of stories.

    Oh well. Maybe I can be the second!

    Love hearing from you.