Thursday, October 24, 2013

"It's off to the press"

Hello everyone!

It's off to the press...Wonderful words to my ear. My publisher sent me an email letting me know The Truth Revealed has been sent to the press. I'm so excited. Book 3 of The Samantha Cain Mysteries will be available in November. YES. And I'll have some copies to bring with me to The Louisiana Book Festival.  Here is a peak at the cover:

I'll also add the front and back cover so you can read the blurb--maybe. Hope you all have been waiting for the next one and will rush to get your copy. I was so glad to learn my books can be found through all the EBRP Libraries as well as the Livingston Libraries. I'm not sure how long it takes the libraries to get their new copies, but if you're one who reads books but don't like them piling up around your house, this is a way to get least for people who live around the area. Maybe more libraries soon as you know in 2014 my books will be available in chainstores across the US. I'll keep you posted on that as well.

I'm not sure you'll be able to read it, but maybe. I'm hoping once it is posted you can zoom in on the writing. If not...see the real thing. The first chance to see it will be before it's in stores and that will be at The Louisiana Book Festival...Saturday 11/2/13...downtown Baton Rouge between the Capitol and The Louisiana State Library. The festival is free. There will be food, fun, music, activities of fun for kids, and a lot of Louisiana come on down. I hope to see you there.

On a more personal note, yesterday I got to meet my daughter's mother-in-law, Janet, from England. What a sweet, kind, and wonderful lady she is. We've been facebook friends (sisters) for some time, so it was like we knew each other when she walked through the door. It was wonderful.  And her little grandbaby (& mine), Eli, was tickled pink to get to know her in person. He's been enjoying her love face-to-face for a few days now. I know my son-in-law, Pete, was proud to have his Mum meet his son...and wife, and step-sons. Not trying to put Molly, Scotty, & Koby last -- but when a new baby is around EVERYONE falls behind those cutiepies...even Pete, I'm sure.

Also something else happened yesterday. My grandson, Koby, had a surprise to show me. He got a new electronic tablet - probably from his NanJan and started writing a book. He's written 3 chapters and wanted to read them to me. He did and I'm so proud!!! It (his book) sounded like a professionally written book as he read it to me. Maybe one day...I know he can if his heart leads him that way. He sounded like a natural!!

Speaking of grandsons -- here's a brand new shot of the little one, Eli. He's 3 months old. Well 3 shots for 3 months. I hope that's okay with you. He is sooooo adorable.

I have no interview for you today with someone's new book. Sorry. Maybe I'll get the interview finished I was planning on and do an extra blog in another week or so.

I hope you enjoyed today's blog. I truly would love to hear from you. Take care and God bless you all.



  1. Awe, Eli is such a cutie pie! I know you are in "grandma" heaven right now! Congrats to your daughter, Molly... she done good!

    Congrats on your new book The Truth Revealed too. Can't wait to read it! The cover is awesome. Really draws you in right away.

    See ya at the Book Festival!

  2. First off, no we can't read the blurb. But good try. Secondly, it's cool to see the pics you've posted. I saw the first two, but I did not see the one of you and Eli before. They're all so cut. Love the Saints t-shirt y'all got him.

  3. Who Dat!! Of course you had to love those...and having those two handsome faces wearing them, made them all the better!! Thank Rachael

  4. Allyn - You were right! I was flying in GRANNY HEAVEN!! Thanks.

    The festival is this weekend. We're going to have a blast...and I love that my latest - The Truth Revealed - will be to me in time. It won't be in stores till later in November with the exception of The OakTara on line bookstore. As soon as I get them delivered to me, the book should be available through that bookstore. I like that I'll have the first available releases at my signing. And I love that we will be sharing a table again at the Festival. It's going to be a lot of fun!!

  5. Your book's off to the publisher - hooray and congrats!


  6. Good job, Deb. Congratulations on the book.


  7. the grandson is so cute! hope your spouse will continue to listen the women in his life and take care of his health. thanks for sharing your blog.


  8. Hi Deb,

    Enjoyed your blog. You're a good blogger Your new cover is great. Very dark and intriguing.
    Love that sweet baby's face. I know you are having a blast with the other grandmom.


  9. Hi Deb,
    CONGRATULATIONS ! I really have been praying "The Truth Revealed," would be ready in time for your big event next week-end. Good for you.
    "Suburban Strangers," went to press last Friday. Here's a toast from me to you," CLINK go the glasses !

    Eli is so-o cute.... I love Scott holding him in his 'Saints" tee shirt. And the lovely smile on his face as you snuggle him.

    Keep going girl......Loved your blog. I'll have to learn to do that.

    Hugs from Ohio,