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An Interview with Dani Pettrey

Hello everyone.

As the title states, we have that interview I mentioned I was trying to get with Dani Pettrey. She is an awesome author. She wrote the Alaskan Courage series. They include extreme sports and activities...keeping you on the edge of your seat as you read. Her stories pulled me in quickly and kept me reading until the end of each. I had to have them all. If I remember correctly at the time 3 were available with the 4th book about to be released. Of course I got it immediately and then had to wait for number 5 to come out. I pre-ordered, so I got it as soon as it was available. If you are looking for a GREAT read this summer, pick one of hers up or download them in your E-reader. Her interview is here for my readers and fellow writers to enjoy.

Before I add it, I want to update you on what is going on in my life as I normally do in my blogs.

I also hope you are having a wonderful summer!

My summer has been filled with writing and sunning with more of both to come. As I mentioned to you before, I sent in a completed manuscript to my publisher at the end of May, Hidden Secrets. Still waiting to hear back. They must be busy, busy as they are growing by leaps and bounds. Since then I've worked on the 4th book of the Samantha Cain series - Against Her Will. It was scheduled to release in 2014, but those who have been connected with me through my blogging know I lost my dear sweet husband March 2nd of 2014. We had taken a trip to the Caribbean earlier, where I made notes of the surroundings and the people to include in this novel, since my characters would be traveling down there. I had started the novel earlier on, but could not work on it after his passing. The memories hurt too bad. Of course they were beautiful memories, just hard to relive knowing Scott wouldn't be with me any more. Anyway, I've been working on its completion ever since the first of June, and now thanks to my critique partners jumping on it quickly, I'm working on the rewrites and edits now. I'm hoping to have it to my publisher by the end of July. I hope you all are still looking forward to the read.

In the mean time, I learned Thorndike Press republished Crime in The Big Easy that released July 1st (I mentioned this in June's blog), and they have scheduled Be Not Afraid to release August 1st, with Testimony of Innocence not far behind...September 1st. The specialty of Thorndike Press is they publish in hardback with large print. This was exciting news to me.

God has blessed my writing career, using Oak Tara Publishing. They connected my work to Barbour Publishing having that collection of Deborah Lynne novels released May 1st, 2015 and now this with Thorndike Press. In the meantime, my job is to keep writing while He does the heavy lifting...spreading my work...touching the hearts of my readers.

He also lead me to start writing that non-fiction book, Guidance from The Light, I mentioned to you. It is a two month devotion so far. Until I've written all 12 months, I show it as days 1 - whatever number I'm on. This devotion is free for the download off of my website. I'll be adding the third month by the end of July for those of you who have already downloaded the first two months. When it's completed, I will make it available as a book and carry it with me to the arts and craft shows I attend. I hope His Word and how He blessed me through His Word, will also be a blessing to you. Take time to look at Guidance from The Light on my web site at your convenience. click here for website

My husband's birthday is coming up next week. Last year my kids (minus 1 who lives in California but is working to get transferred back this way -- so maybe 2016's trip she will be a part of), grandkids, and his twin sister took a trip together to the beach, to the same place we had gone with Scott the year before his death. It made it easier on all of us to be together, missing him together, loving him together, yet celebrating his victory in Heaven with The Lord together. It made our loss of him easier to bear together. It's that time again. This time I believe it will be filled with more smiles and joy than last time. We still miss Scott tremendously, but know in our hearts he is rejoicing and is better off...and that one day we will be with him rejoicing with The Lord. Life goes on. So to the beach we are going together. More summer relaxing. Again, I hope you've been enjoying your summer as well.


          The interview of Dani Pettrey. She is a jewel. Enjoy.


I’m glad to say, the author I mentioned in the past few months of blogging, Dani Pettrey, has agreed to an interview by me. I know you will love her as much as I do. I hope by now, you’ve bought some of her books and found out how great she really is.


Thank you, Dani, for allowing me to spend a little time with you as I pick your brain. Some of my readers are people who read Deborah Lynne novels, and some are writers growing their craft. As a writer myself, I love getting to talk to fellow authors and find out more about them. Thank you for taking time to answer my questions below.

1.     What made you start writing? Tell us a little bit about your journey of writing and how you connected with your publisher for your first book?

I have always loved daydreaming and making up stories. I dabbled with creative writing growing up, but set it aside. It wasn’t until after the birth of my youngest daughter and a bout with a serious illness, that I really felt God stirring me to start writing again.

When I first began, I spent a lot of time simply reading novels, seeing how they worked, analyzing why I fell in love with certain characters and not others. I attended writing conferences, joined a writer’s group and devoted regular time to writing. I was also blessed with an amazing mentor who really shepherded me in the craft and writing life.

I finished Submerged just prior to the ACFW conference a number of years back. I hadn’t been in a couple years, but I really felt led to go. I signed up last minute and put in for appointments with the editor and agent I really hoped to meet with. Since I registered so late, I didn’t get appointments with either. But God has a way of working things out. My first night at the conference I attended a Late Night Chat for Bethany House. I spoke with Dave Long afterwards and he graciously allowed me to send him the first three chapters. A couple weeks later I got an email from him requesting the full manuscript. A few after that I received a contract offer. It was absolutely amazing to get an offer for the book of my heart.

2.     Was Submerged, Book 1 of the Alaskan Courage series, the first novel you ever wrote?

No. I had two ‘practice’ manuscripts, which will never see the light of day, and two submission manuscripts before I wrote Submerged. God knew I needed the practice and the timing. When I received my contract offer both of my girls were close to grown and it was just so abundantly clear that it was God’s timing and not mine. I’m so thankful I got published when I did and not with the earlier manuscripts, thought I may one day rewrite one of them as the story is still near and dear to my heart.

3.     I was wondering, in your series the family owns a store called, The Last Frontier Adventures, where they specialize in carrying gear for the extreme sports enthusiast as well as offer trips/tours that include the sport…are you writing from experience in these sports? If so, share a little…if not, tell us what made you go that route. By the way, every book had such excitement and fun wrapped into the story. Job well done!!

Thanks so much! We are a pretty adventurous family, but not to the extreme that the McKennas are. So while I’ve been white-water rafting, rock climbing, skiing, sailing, etc. I’ve never been heli-skiing or free climbing. I like to say I’m a moderate adventurer while the McKennas are most definitely on the extreme end of adventure.

I’ve always been fascinated and awed by extreme athletes so getting to write, to research various extreme adventures and to write about a family who pursues them for a living was absolutely fabulous.

4.     Which of the five is your most favorite book in the series?

This is such a hard one to answer. I really love different aspects about each book in the series. In Submerged, I love getting to meet all the characters and being introduced to Yancey, Alaska. Shattered has my favorite love story, Stranded my favorite adventure, Silenced my favorite mystery, and Sabotaged my favorite setting. If forced <smile> to pick one, I’d probably have to go with Submerged as it was the start of the series, I love the historical aspect, and I really identify with the heroine Bailey Craig.

5.     Of the couples who found, or re-found, one another in your storyline, which is your most favorite couple and why?

Again, such a hard question. I’m really partial to Cole and Bailey reuniting, but I truly think my favorite love story is Landon and Piper’s. I love the dynamic between the two, and Landon is my kind of guy. He’s hardworking, struggling to be more than his past lineage, loyal and he loves fiercely. He is a little rough around the edges, but has a heart of gold. I love the way he loves Piper.

6.     I was sorry to learn book 5 was the last of your series because I loved the family and friends you created. So tell us, where are you taking us next? And when should we be looking for your next release?

I just finished writing the first book (COLD SHOT) in a new four-book series entitled Chesapeake Valor. The series focuses on four adult friends who grew up together in the Chesapeake Bay area. I’m really enjoying getting to share the gorgeous and diverse area where I live with readers. Within the state of Maryland we have beaches, mountains, a major city (Baltimore), small towns, farms, and, of course, the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. I hope readers who enjoy the Alaskan Courage series will enjoy the Chesapeake Valor series. COLD SHOT will be available February 2, 2016, but it is available for pre-order now on Amazon.

Can't wait!! I'm looking forward to the new series all ready. Thank you, Dani, for your time that you shared with us. Continue on your writing path. We love your books and look forward to the next one. (and truth be told, I couldn’t pick a favorite story, one over the other 4. I loved them all as far as the stories go. For the favorite couple, you picked mine. I loved Landon and Piper too!!!

Thank you so very much for having me.


There you have it friends. Wasn't she great, taking time out to answer a few questions to share with other writers who are trying to write or sell their first book...to encourage them. Also I asked for this interview with her to help you who read my books find another author who I know you will love. Her stories inspire me. Go get you a copy and start reading. You won't regret it. 


  1. Great interview! Going to need to put Dani's book on my list of "must reads".

    Sounds like you're having a very busy summer, Deb. Enjoy the rest of it and I'll see ya soon!

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  3. God bless you. I'm glad all these journals helped.