Tuesday, October 25, 2011

a busy, happy, week -- followed with tips on writing

Good morning everyone. This is only my second blog. Hopefully you'll find it enjoyable as well as helpful, so you'll keep coming back.

Even though my week started out disappointingly, it got better with each passing day. I don't know about you, but I gather with a group of women every Tuesday night. We do a Bible Study. This Bible Study is Beth Moore's renewed, updated, version of Breaking Free. It's great and she's wonderful if you don't already know it. Anyway, our group had to cancel last Tuesday. I don't know about you, but when I miss gathering with those women and talking about Our Lord, it was like I was missing something. It's just like starting every morning reading His Word. On a morning something happens and you don't get to start your day that way, it's like the rest of your day is out of sync. You can't cope as well with situations that arise. The good thing is, even if we have to put God off, He doesn't put us off. But me, I feel so much fuller, so much more content, so much more ready to face this world when I start with Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

Wednesday, I met with the group of men and women who join me as I read 2-3 chapters every week. We are almost finished with a novel I've been reading and the tension is mounting. We're all loving it.

Thursday we had our new home inspected. Praise God, the only major thing wrong found was the insulation and the builder is taking care of that. It wasn't too major at all. The few smaller things are being fixed as I type if they haven't already. Time is nearing for our closing. First the inspection of our home is being done for the buyer. Our house, although old, is in great shape, so there shouldn't be a major problem. Keep us in your prayers that everything goes smoothly. Thanks everyone.

Saturday, I got to go to my grandson, Koby's soccer game. It was a tie 3-3. They played very well. It was fun to watch him play as well as my son-in-law, Pete, coach the team, along with Pastor Phil. Saturday night I picked up my mother-in-law, "Sister Spinner", "Twirlybird", Leona for church, and I have to say the worship at Bethany South was awesome. Pastor Jonathon lead the music. He is now the head Pastor at Bethany. Brother Larry stepped down to follow the new path God has for him. He's travelling the world helping pastors grow in the Word, helping start more and more churches around the world. Anyway, he preached Saturday night and of course it was also so filled with the Lord, we were all blessed with the Lord's presense. What a fabulous service!!

Sunday my husband, Scott, and I went to my brother and his wife's church. (Richard & Brenda). They were celebrating their 60th anniversary of Brownsfield Baptist Church. Pastor Steve Bridges shared a wonderful message and the church was filled. The people of that church was very friendly and welcoming to all strangers. They didn't treat us like a stranger. They treated us like a brother or sister. It was great. So welcoming.  Following the service was a fantastic dinner on the grounds. Remember, I'm counting calories, and I have to say, I kept myself in control. Not really "I". The one fruit of the spirit I have so much trouble with, self-control, but I've been praying for God to grow that in me. He was successful Sunday. The food was so plenty, and so good but I ate very small portions of several things. My total calarie intake including 2 cookies was 365. And the fellowship was such a blessing. I love a group of people sharing God's love. It's like everyone is glowing, reflecting His light. What a blessing that was to be invited, and to go.

Monday we worked hard, with the help of our son, Chris, cleaning out the attic and dragging stuff to the street curb. In Scott's shape, he has to take it easy and do a little at a time, but he did wonderfully, taking breaks as needed and oxygen when he felt short winded. Also taking down a swingset that we put up when our oldest grandson, Scotty, was two. He is now 15. Oh wait, he'd say "I'm 15 1/2, Granny." I stand corrected. Those nuts and bolts didn't want to come apart. It was built solid, but it got taken apart and we dragged it to the street. After carrying the last of the stuff from the store room out to the curb we received a phone call from our middle child, Molly, the mother of my two grandchildren. Her and hubby, Pete, wanted to stop by. Turns out they had some great news for us. We're going to be grandparents again. They are expecting a baby...and if its a girl she will be named Abigail Grace, and called Abbey. Isn't that addorable? I love it. We're very happy for them. And the boys are extactic...a baby sister or brother. I'll keep you posted on that as she grows. I meant Molly, but it could be Abbey if it is a girl. hee-hee.

Now we're at Tuesday, day of the blog. I haven't done anything yet, but spent my time with God which was great, but as I was typing the blog I received a text from my oldest daughter, Rachael, who lives in California. Rachael is the one who inspired me to count calories to lose weight, using the "My Fitness Pal" on my iPhone. Anyway, she has lost 43 pounds. That is so exciting. We're very proud of her. She will be home in less than 2 weeks for Chris' wedding. Chris is marrying my future adorable daughter-in-law Rosie on 11/11/11 and Rachael had planned to lose 40 pounds by the wedding. She has passed it. I've lost 15. The kids say I should count the 4 I lost right before I got started. That wasn't by counting calories. It was by walking parts of California when we went on a vacation, and since I hadn't been doing anything but taking care of a sick husband for a year, my body actually dropped a few pounds. Anyway that would mean 19 pounds lost.

Hopefully, you've found my week interesting. I know I've enjoyed living it. As I've said so many times and will keep on saying, God is so good!!!!

Tips for those who are thinking of writing or have already begun:

The first thing I want to say, if a story is spinning in your head, get started writing. Don't worry about all the rules and regulations on writing as you begin your story. You'll learn those as you go, and you can start putting them into your story on the rewrite, and the rewrite, and the rewrite. (there is no telling how many times you may have to rewrite your story). Then when you start your second story, you'll have learned plenty. But don't stop learning more. Writing is a gift, writing publishable material is a craft. The more you learn, the better your stories become and the more enjoyable the read becomes to your followers. Besides, a story is never written perfectly the first time. If you try to do that, you'll interfere with the creative side of your brain. Let your story flow out of you, and then go back and start correcting. Write-write-write

The next tip I want to share was given to me early in my writing career. Read what you enjoy writing. Take time to enjoy the genre you like to write in by reading books available on the stands or in your reader today. That is if you want your books published, if you write, to one day be a published author making money off your sales. If you only write cause you love to write and don't plan to share, that's another story. So my second tip of the day is, Read-read-read.

The last tip I will share today (and next week we'll get into the meat of writing itself) use help books. There are so many help books out there. You can buy them, order them, or check them out at your nearest library. On every genre you will find the help book you need. Dwight Swain has wonderful help books that I find explain things easily. Not only does he help with the structure of your sentences and paragraphs (things we older people quit thinking about after being out of school for over 15 years), he also talks about characters, POV, outlines, query letters...he covers the whole gambit of improving your writing.

Next week we'll start on POV. If any of you have special things you'd like me to touch on, feel free to send me an email at deblynne8@gmail.com and let me know. I'm here to help. And know as I'm helping you and even though I have 4 books out and a 5th one about to go to my publisher, OakTara, I'm still reading helpful writing tips, I'm still reading in my genre, & I still write my rough copy without trying to fix it as I go. The 3 tips I shared above will be things to continue throughout your whole writing career. And if you're like me, you'll want that to be for a very long time.

Take care. God bless you. AND keep writing... and/or reading my blog. See you next week.

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