Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A New Chapter

Good morning everyone! I know. It's not Tuesday. I couldn't type my blog yesterday because I had no Internet. We've been in our new home since Friday night. Talk about blessed!!!

All who know me, know I loved our home we just sold. The house was my dream home--and God provided it for us. Not only was the home big but we were blessed with a large backyard that had a deck, a cabana, yard space for a swing set and playing, and a pool. We had 20 years of fun and laughter there. In the beginning we had BBQ's every weekend but slowed down over time. And the neighbors, we couldn't ask for better neighbors!! In fact, that was the hardest thing about putting our house up for sale in the beginning. We didn't want to leave them. Silly me. We haven't left them. They are still our friends, just not our neighbors. God will bless us with new neighbors, whom I pray will be as wonderful as the ones we had to move away from. God bless you neighbors (those of you who are reading this). You know we love you. :-)

For a quick update, my son Chris and his new bride Rosie are still on their honeymoon. They have shared the fun and laughter of their honeymoon with family and friends via Facebook. Talk about a joyous way to spend two weeks. You can feel their fun when looking at the pictures. The six days I was out of touch on the Internet was hard, because I knew I was missing their pictures. But I caught up last night, WOW! It's so great to see your children when they are happy. Rosie added such a smile to my son's face that I hope never goes away.

Our week started out bringing our oldest daughter, Rachael, to the airport in New Orleans so she could fly home to Dublin, California. That was hard to do and a little sad. We had her here for almost two weeks. What a joy she was in our home! We had a great time. But she was missing her friends and her work place and was ready to go back home. I understand that so well. I'm sure I've said it before, she works as a Radiology Technologist at the VA Clinic in Livermore. Remember my book All in God's Time? That was the book inspired by a dream from God that I said was either her future or my next book. Well the book came out in 2008 and she was lead to quit traveling around the U.S. for her job and take a permanent one on the west coast. In my book I wrote about the girl settling down on the east coast, which for a girl who never liked the beach was a huge thing. This was and is true about the book character as well as Rachael. Unfortunately God didn't tell me which coast. I had no idea she would move over 2000 miles away. You mothers know how hard that can be, a child moving away. Anyway, she's happy so we're happy.

By Thursday we we're loading up a big rental truck with all of our things...well the things we didn't give away or throw out. In 20 years you collect a lot. :-) And I must say, when I use "we" I used it loosely. We didn't do much of anything but pack. Scott wasn't able to do lifting and very little moving, nor was I. We filled the boxes and Pete (our wonderful son-in-law) loaded and directed the loading and unloading of our entire house while we were at closings...first the sell of our home. Oops!! I'm getting ahead of myself. The loading was done Thursday night. The unloading was done Friday, but had to wait until the first closing finished and the second one started (at 4PM) to start unloading. Thursday and Friday we were not only blessed with Pete's help and direction, but our nephew Jay, Scott's best friend since childhood Jerry, my best friend for 17 years - husband David, and my grandson Scotty loaded and unloaded that huge truck. And I don't want to forget, Emy (my BFFL) and Ina another dear friend who helped me with packing up my kitchen Thursday night. We couldn't have done it without every one's help and we are so appreciative.

So Friday was busy with going to closings. The one room that was set up completely the first night was our bedroom. Talk about grateful there. We collapsed in the bed and slept soundly. But come Saturday morning we hit the floor running, getting boxes unloaded one after the other. Don't misunderstand. We still have 2 rooms with plenty of boxes to empty, (one which holds the remote controls to 2 of our TVs). But by Saturday night the kitchen was completely in order and by Sunday night all 3 bathrooms were filled with the new accents (towels, rugs, shower curtains where needed) as well as all of our personal belongings put in place.

Monday we got to shop for our new furniture. This is probably the 9th home we've lived in counting apartments along the way in the 40 years (come January) of marriage. It's the first one we were able to buy all new furniture for. Talk about blessed. And speaking of that the last is being delivered right now so I need to cut this short. Everything else was delivered yesterday. The only thing left is to get my dryer chord changed out and then hook it up, as well as putting my washer in place. Then I'll be busy playing catch up with my washing. Yuck!  But it's all worth it.

I hope all of you will pardon me for not having a writing tip today. Maybe I'll post one tomorrow. But my furniture is coming in the door as I type and it's like Christmas morning to a child and I want to watch Santa place the goodies. By for now!

Love you!

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