Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Part 2

Hi guys. I'm back. Sorry I had to leave so early this morning. Moving to a new home takes so much running around, but I think we've about covered it all. This morning I cut things short and left off things I wanted to talk about.

First let me say, Molly (our second daughter for those who are new comers) is showing a little...the new baby I mean. It's exciting. Whether it's a boy (again) or a little girl, we don't  know, however we are so excited. Being grandparents is the best thing in the world. Yes. It's even better than having your own children. My mom used to tell me that, but I never believed it until I lived it. Still don't know the due date, but they are guessing around June 11th. My thought is a May baby...but we'll see.

Another thing I wanted to share is my second book in The Samantha Cain Series, A Testimony of Innocence, will be out about the middle of 2012. (my 5th book total--I'm sure I'll quit counting one day) I'm working on the rewrites in layers like I discussed last week, I believe, in my writer's tips on the blog. So the manuscript is almost ready for Oak Tara, my publisher. I'm excited. As other writers will tell you, each one is like the birth of your children...all the blood sweat and tears...if you know what I mean.

Last but not least, I want to thank Allyn Stotz for nominating me for The Lovely Blog Award. That was so sweet of Allym Stotz who is the author of The Pea In Peanut Butter...soon to be out as a color book too. A wonderful story to either read to a toddler or for the elementary age to read for them self. Cute as can be. Check her out at:

I have to share a funny story on how we met. The day before the Louisiana Book Festival I was blog surfing and came across the cutest page. It had a dragon at the top and it caught my attention. After reading her blog, I took time that night to print 20 copies of the first chapters of my two latest novels to hand out at the festival. Her blog had talked about how people love to get things for free and I wanted to accommodate them. Also I had made up my mind to try and find her book and purchase one for my grandson, not knowing she was from Louisiana too. After I arrived at our tent and set up my book display I sat and watched other authors coming in and setting up. Suddenly I saw a name plate that was put down on the table next to me. It was the same author. How cool was that? I was so excited. Needless to say we had a blast getting to know one another throughout the day...and now I think of us as friends...of course she thinks of me as her stalker...hee-hee...all in fun. I'd nominate Allyn's blog, but it is already nominated. Go girl!

I'd like to nominate Jill Elizabeth Nelson's blog for The Lovely Blog Award. I've been reading her books, news-letters and blogs for some time. She is such a wonderful writer and we all are blessed to be able to read her thoughts and words freely via Internet. Check out her blog, web-site, and books. You won't be sorry.

I hope you enjoyed the two-part blog. Next week I hope to be back to normal on my schedule, but I'm always glad to go where the Lord leads me. So stay close and keep reading. Next week I'll add some pictures of our new home. We are really enjoying the peace and quiet. I forgot how quiet silence could be...not to mention how dark the night really gets without the city lights and street noises. We're loving it though and thanking God for his blessings on us.

Writing tip for the day:

First let me say to all of you new writers, I hope you will take time to tell me what you want to know about writing and/or on things related to writing that hopefully I've learned on the road to becoming a published author. You can contact me via email, my website or comments on the blog. My email address is or go on my website and click on contact me. One of the first things I learned in my almost thirty years of writing and 5 years of being published is authors love to help other authors. And I want to help you in any way I can.

The tip I'm sharing today is know the publishers you send your queries to. Research the type books they do publish making sure your genre, your voice, is the one they are looking for. Also make sure your manuscript is prepared and printed the way they request it...and if it is being emailed, make sure it's set the way they request it. Publishers deal with a lot of manuscripts every day and they are looking for that special one. Let it be yours!! Good luck and God bless you.


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