Friday, January 20, 2012

Additions to the Family

Hey to you all.

First let me say, I'm sitting outside on my back porch overlooking the lake. 25 geese are sitting quietly on the some formation, I think. It's cool. One is in the front, and all the others or in lines behind it at angles. I let our cat, Kali, out with me. She has crawled down to the lake and is watching them between the  cattails. The geese are moving around slightly in the formation...keeping their eyes on the cat who thinks she is smarter than they are. It's a great picture. Clouds cover the sky, but most of them are white, with a tinge of gray. Hopefully it won't rain again today. At least not while Kali and I are outside. Scott just walked out to join us.

OKAY. I know y'all are wondering who are the additions to the family. We had 3 additions this week. My son, Chris, and daughter-in-law, Rosie, adopted two pit bulls, mix. The dogs were about to be put to sleep. Cuties, both of them. A brown suede looking coat on one...Sundance; and the other is black (more of a chocolate brown)...Butch. Love the names Chris and Rosie picked out for them. That is two of the additions, but we have one more. This one came to our home through my best friend. We adopted a little brother for Kali. Kole is the name we gave him.  Pitch black and very friendly. We made plans on how to introduce him to the family, the house, and make him feel welcome. It wasn't necessary. Kole moved in and took over. Kali stays hidden most of the time. When Kole comes in a room, Kali runs the other way. We can't wait till they start interacting with each other...instead of avoiding one another. It will happen. I know it!!

Something else happened this week. I got called for jury duty. Unlike my husband, I'm excited. I've always wanted to serve on a jury. Been called twice. Came close once when I was picked for jury, but they settled the day before the trial was to start. My husband has been called twice (not in the last two years though, thank God) and got picked for jury duty both times. Both of his were criminal cases. Anyway, keep your fingers crossed for me. Molly, my middle girl, will stay handy for her dad if he needs her while I'm at the court house.

He's been under the weather again. Between the major heartburn and the coughing up of blood, I believe scares him a bit...but we know the cancer is not coming back. As for as his lung goes, there has been no improvement there. We had a bit of a scare last night when he couldn't breath...or should I say could get very little air for several minutes. As soon as he could, he used one of those special gadgets the doctor gave him, and it worked like a charm.

I know I mentioned a couple of weeks ago how Molly and I were going to start walking 5 days a week. We did, and my youngest grandson joins us. It's been nice. I feel like I can walk better every day. My knee doesn't give me fits much any more. Praise God!!

Also -- with Molly's help, I finished unpacking all our boxes (but 5) and my workout room is set-up. Two or three days this week we've used it after the walks. Today was my best workout yet!!! Hopefully, more weight will be dropping soon. I feel great!!

I can't remember if I told you about Scott and Jerry catching catfish out of the lake. They did and threw then back in. One day, though, Scott, David, and Jerry will catch some and we'll...let me rephrase that...they will clean and cook them and then we'll eat them. Yummy. Fried catfish. You can't beat it!

My writing is coming along. As I told you last week, I'm working on another manuscript while my publisher (OakTara) starts the procedure of getting my fifth book published, Testimony of Innocence. Hopefully, a month before the release of my new book I'll have a new book trailer on my website for Testimony of Innocence.

I almost forgot to tell you--we had a scare this past week. My son had sold his truck and was using Scott's car for a couple of weeks. Chris and Rosie were so busy with work, they didn't have time to finalize the shopping for their new car. He needed a ride for the interim. Being Scott rarely uses his car, we loaned it to him easily. Only the other night when he left the Super Dome, Scott's car wasn't in the place Chris had parked it. It was late. He'd worked all day and into the night, so I'm sure he wasn't ready to deal with it, but he called the police and the tow company, not having luck with either. Long story short, we assumed it had been stolen since the tow people didn't have it recorded as being towed. But the next day, Rosie got the list of tow companies and called around. Found one who had picked it up and it just hadn't been recorded yet the night he checked. So much better than stolen. It cost Chris a bit to pick it up, but by the time he drove it back to our house, his little wife had gone and picked up their new car and left it parked for him to drive home. All's well that ends well. :-)

There won't be any tips today, because I just can't think of anything that might be helpful. I truly wish some of you who write, would email me a few questions to That's my mailing address. A lot of you have already sent notes and such in response to my blog to that address, but for those who didn't know...that's it and I hope you use it.

The geese are lining up in that V form and starting to chatter among themselves. That's what they do right before take off. I love watching it. All but 11 took off. So cool. So beautiful. It looks like maybe these 11 are lining up for their take off. We'll see.

Take care and God bless you all. I love sharing with you.

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