Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the jury pool, a new book, and more

Hi everyone. I hope life is still treating you well.

The other day I received a notice in the mail...I've been picked for the jury pool. Kind of cool. I've always wanted to serve on a jury. I came close once, but the people came to an agreement before the trail was to start...which was good because it saved our tax dollars. My husband has been in a jury twice for two separate cases and had no desire to be there. He admitted enjoying it after the fact. We'll see what happens this time for me. I'll keep you posted. According to the judge we can't talk about the trial itself but I can let you know if I get picked. So keep your fingers crossed for me. I'd love to serve. It truly is an honor and a patriotic thing to do. As the judge said, people fought for our rights and the courts are here to carry those rights out...that is why we have a jury.

Unfortunately this week I became a little "under the weather" as some people put it. Thank God, I haven't run a fever or anything like that, just a sore scratchy throat and a lot of coughing. Wears you out! With what all my husband has been through and is still going through, I dare not complain.

I guess with the holidays over, there isn't a lot to talk about. It was great seeing all our kids and extended family on a regular bases, but now everyone is back to their busy lives. With Rachael, of course we keep in touch via the phone (being that she lives 2222 miles away from us). Thank God for technology, because of it we can talk to her daily or even a couple times a day at not much cost. My mom was from California, and when the costs for one 3 minute call equaled your hourly pay, she didn't call home very often. Molly, Pete, and the boys we've been blessed and get to see a little more of them now than what we did  when we lived across town. (No walking this week because of jury duty and my cold or whatever it is). Chris, Rosie, Butch & Sundance stay so busy we don't even hear from them. I'm glad for them, but we miss them dearly.

All of you who read last week, know about our added addition, Kole. At first we worried we made a mistake. The whole purpose was to give Kali a friend to play with and of course we knew we would enjoy another kitten around the house. Finally on day 5 Kole jumped on Kali's back and held on with her front two paws as Kali dragged her around, and then they got into a heavy game of chase, turned into hide and seek. It was adorable. Now they play together. It's fun and entertaining just to sit back and watch.

The day before they started playing, they kept their distances. I tried to put the video in, but I did not succeed. Sorry. Trust me. They kept their distance. Even now that they play a good little bit, the still keep a little distance when not playing. Here's a picture of Kali and a couple of Kole, the new kitty.

Koby holding Kole his first day home.

Kole napping on Scott's shoulder why he sits and visits with Molly and the boys.

Here is big sister, Kali. She wasn't too excited when we brought Kole home to be her new friend. But it all worked out in the end. Praise God. Now they'll run around for ten minutes up to thirty minutes. Between watching the geese fly in and out, off the lake, and watching the kitty cats run around, life isn't boring around here.

This past weekend was a very exciting weekend for me. My publisher finished reading my manuscript for Testimony of Innocence, Book 2 of The Samantha Cain Mystery Series. She loved it. They discussed my book and decided to go back to Book 1 and give it a little face lift, showing it is a series book, as well as adding information about the second book at the end of Be Not Afraid. They also wet your appetite with giving the title for Book 3. This was so thrilling to me. I told Ramona Tucker, my publisher at OakTara, that she is my answered prayer from God. When I first starting writing, that was my prayer. For God to connect me with a publisher who believes in me and my writing. All my ideas for my books have been given me from God. He gives me a message to share, but lets the story be the forefront. I love God. He is so good!!

Let me give you a little glance of the new cover. Let's see if I can do this.

It worked. Isn't it great. Still the same wonderful cover they had already given me, but with a little more information. I love it!!

Tips for writing:

Allyn Stotz, author of a children’s book, The Pea in Peanut Butter, asked the question, “How do full time writers or stay at home moms who write, balance their life?”

You see, when she worked full time, Allyn knew she had a limited time to come home and write. Some how she managed. But now, through unforeseen circumstances she has the ability to be that full time writer. Some how the day gets lost and before she knows it very little has been accomplished in her writing.

One thing I do know is you can plan all you want, but as a published author there will be times when your book is in the publishing stages and your publisher will need you to do some things, changes, corrections or what-knots, to help bring your MS to the finished stages. THAT takes priority over any schedule. BUT I guarantee you’ll love every minute of it. Your work is being published. The gift God gave you is going in print for others to read and be blessed by. How can you not?

Remind yourself of the blessings of being able to work from home. There are many. The greatest thing is you don’t have to spend time in the morning getting dressed up for work. You can write in you nightgown or PJ’s. You can do some of your housework you use to have to wait and do on Saturdays or stay up late during the week to get it done. Working at home you can throw a load on to wash before you sit down…and then of course toss them in dryer and fold them at the appropriate times. You can start supper simmering at your convenience. You don’t have to rush in after 8 or 9 hours working and try to desperately cook a meal for everyone to enjoy. Last but not least (as far as I can think of at the moment) is if something comes up you need to dash out to do, you can.

My suggestion is you plan out how many hours a day you want to write, and stick with it. Also if you’re writing a manuscript figure how many pages a day or a week you want to complete, and stick to it. Keep writing every day (maybe weekends off, YOUR CHOICE) until the manuscript is complete. Then you start the rewrites, corrections, tightening, etc…everything it takes to make your novel the best. The main thing is, you are your own boss…so boss away…and mind your boss. Hee-hee!!

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