Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good morning everyone. It has been a while and I'm so sorry. I hope you all are doing very well.

I'll start this blog with some updates. First let me say, Scott's cancer is still gone. Praise God! And although the lung specialist told him with both lungs he is at about 50%, they saw improvement at his last visit. Sure, he still can't stay active non-stop like he used to (before his lung collapsed), but he can do things now (at a slower pace & with breaks in between) that he couldn't do a year ago. One example is cut grass. What would take most people an hour or less he does in about 4-5 hours (and he won't let me help at all!). He takes breaks throughout, plus keeps his oxygen at hand. (That alone is a big milestone. He's finally realized it helps him so much. Before in his mind I believe it made him look weak. He's not weak, he's got a lung problem...but it's nothing to keep him sitting or lying down 24/7. So, everyone, my first update is wonderful news. Scott is doing very well and still as handsome as ever!! In fact, better looking if I do say so myself. He's gone from 119 pounds to 156. After 40 years of marriage he went from a 30 waist to a 31/32 and looks FANTASTIC!

My next update will be about my weight loss. 38 pounds gone. Yes. I'm so thrilled. And not only have a lost 38 pounds of fat, but with the exercise I'm doing I'm losing inches as well. I feel better and know that I look better. People, don't ever let your weight take control of you. Food is something you need to survive, but Praise God we don't have to eat it all at one sitting. You control what and how much you put in your mouth. And if you REALLY want that chilly cheese dog, or pizza, eat it...but make sure you get to walking it off (calories that is) or spinning it off, or even squatting it off. Every movement you make helps burn the food you take in. If you find yourself sitting a lot, change that. Stand up. Move. It's the balance of all that, that will help you take it off and/or keep it off.

Family, even though the kids are grown and gone, will always be a part of your life...should always be a part of your life. I'm blessed to have three fantastic kids who still love their mom and dad. They stay connected to us and we them. For the update on Rachael, Molly, & Chris -- they are all doing very well. So are their families...Pete, Scotty, Koby, & Rosie. We love them all and thank God every day for them.

Now, a very important update from me, Deborah Lynne, the author. My new book, Testimony of Innocence - Book 2 of The Samantha Cain Mysteries, will be released next month, July 15th scheduled date. I'm still waiting to see a copy of the cover so it can be added to my website. It's going to be great, I know. Look at my first one with OakTara. The book trailer is being designed for Testimony of Innocence. I'm almost finished with my next stand-alone novel...Lean on Me. My fantastic publisher, Ramona Tucker, believes in me. She loves my voice. (These are things all writers want/dream to have. Thank you Lord for mine.) OakTara is interested in releasing one of my series novels and 1 of my stand-alones a year. I'm thrilled and look forward a long and thriving relationship with them that God has formed for me.  Book signings are being set up starting in August. As soon as several are confirmed we'll be putting them in the computer. Right now one of the Barnes & Nobles is set for August 11th. A couple others are going to get back with me with the dates...and a few more I'm waiting to call so I don't double book this year like I did before. That gets a little hard.

Scott and I have settled in to our new home. Six months now. Can you believe it? The geese don't come all the time anymore. In fact, they've been gone for over a month and then day before yesterday six came back and then four yesterday. I hear them outside now, but I haven't looked yet. I've drunk two cups of coffee, read The Word, prayed, enjoyed the peace and then felt lead to write a new blog. I hope the next one won't be several months from now. I want to write at least once a month.

Take care all of you, Keep up with me at my web site Like me on my facebook, on my website...and if you do like my novels share them with your friends or tell them about me. If you are a writer of Inspirational Fiction or Inspirational Non-Fiction, you might want to talk to Oak Tara. They are a growing publishing house. I love that they truly believe in God, in the power of Jesus His Son. They walk and live out their faith. Have a fantastic summer and stay safe. God bless you all.



  1. What a great blessing!!! God is well able to do far beyond anything we ask think or imagine! Praying He will bless all the works of your hands my friend! So proud of you. Can't wait until your next book.
    Have an amazing week.
    Seeking His Glory,
    Catherine Mae

  2. Deb,

    I'm so happy that Scott's health is good news. That has to be such a big relief to everyone involved.

    And so happy for you about Testimony of Innocence coming out soon! Can't wait to read it. I know it will be a huge success.

    You are so lucky to have kids who stay in touch well and still are proud to have you as parents. I know so many people who aren't as fortunate as you and have nothing but heartache and problems with their kids.

    Goodluck with all your book success! I'm proud and glad that you are my teammate and my favorite stalker! See ya soon, girl.