Saturday, October 20, 2012

What a day!

Today I had another book signing. This one was at Barnes & Noble. I love the chance I get to meet my readers, and introducing my book, Testimony of Innocence, to new readers. Today I was blessed by seeing a cousin I hadn't seen in years. It was such a joy. We reminisced about the good old days. Both got a little teary eyed when we talked about our fathers who were brothers. Both are deceased and missed but still loved. All and all the signing was a good one and I look forward to more.

Next Saturday will be The Louisiana Book Festival. I'm looking forward to that. People come from all around to meet Louisiana authors. Not only are there books galore, but there is so much more. They have story reading for children, face painting, usually some sort of cooking display, teaching how to fix a special book that may be falling apart, food of all sorts to eat, and more. It's a festival, what can I say? And its in the south...we do everything in a big way.

This Friday I'll be taping for the local talk show, Around Town. I'm looking forward to meeting Scott Rogers face-to-face. He seems like a very nice guy. I believe this episode will be aired Saturday morning of the 27th.

My grandson, Scotty, went to his homecoming dance. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of he and his date. I hear they made a very handsome couple. I'll share a picture or two when I see them.

Koby, my other grandson, is under the weather at the moment. He's been sick since this past Friday. He'll see a doctor Monday. It may be strep throat. Keep him in your prayers.

I think I shared this previously, but if so, sorry. You get to hear it again. Everyone always asks me which book is my favorite. I usually say I love them all...because I do. But my newest release is Crime in The Big Easy and I believe it's my favorite book of all times. As much as I love Samantha Cain and the mystery series...Crime in The Big Easy was my first suspense and it was so much fun writing. An excuse to visit New Orleans and hang around. Although I was born in New Orleans, my family moved to Baton Rouge before I was a year old, so I grew up here. Of course, I wouldn't trade living here for anything in the world...or should I say growing up here. Now that I'm older, I wouldn't mind retiring on a beach somewhere. Hee-hee. Check out the cover and check out my web site. Tomorrow and Monday I'll be adding a few more places I'll be in the next month. Hope to see you there.

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