Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 is coming to an end

Hello everyone.

Another year is coming to an end. Isn't it amazing how fast each year flies by? I know they say the older you get the faster the year zooms by. Here, I can only speak for myself. This one seemed to whiz by in an instant. (Did I give my age away?) Of course a lot of things happened this year, so I'm sure it wasn't as fast as I'm saying.

First major thing that happened in my life, was my husband healed of cancer. God saved his soul and his body all at the same time. Praise the Lord!!

Although physically he is no longer a hundred percent due to the damage to his lung, Scott is so much better off than he was after the lung collapsed August 2010. He is saved and at peace with God. Scott had to take early retirement due to his disability, but the Lord has taken care of us. Our home is filled with His peace and joy. We are so grateful. Scott's weight had dropped to 114, skin draped over his skeleton body, but is now up to 145ish. Of course one of his medicines might have caused some of the weight gain. I'm glad to say most of it is due to his appetite increase. Scott still has his days of not eating well, and days of feeling poorly (pnemonia hit 4 times this year and maybe even 5 if you count Thanksgiving week of feeling poorly, fever rising, but we kept it under control and doctor gave him meds keeping him out of the hospital that time) spending most of the day in his recliner mixed with shortness of breath when he attempts to move around--but plenty of good days too. We are so blessed.

Another major blessing that happened to us in 2011, we had an addition to our family. Our son married a wonderful woman on 11-11-11. Not only were we blessed with this sweet thing becoming a part of our family, but we gained her grandmother as a family member. She, (Nana, Ginny), is like a sister to my husband and I. We love her dearly...and she loves us!! Rosie's whole family is lovely and loving. We are so blessed.

A key change in our life, one we weren't sure was supposed to happen but we left it in God's hands, was the sell of our home of twenty years. Sold, then we bought a new home...a retirement home...a house a little smaller than our old one with a lot less outside work surrounded by a  small yard with little maintenance. This being winter time, so far there has been no maintaining the outside, but when summer rolls around I'm sure I can handle it. And whatever Scott feels up to doing he can, but here he won't have to do a thing.

All-in-all 2011 was a great year. We are thankful for all the blessings God has poured on us.

This past week was a busy week, but full of love and family. We celebrated the Singletary (my side of the family) Christmas this past Friday at our new home. The fun and love of all filled our home. It was fulfilling, enjoyable. You know, one of those days that you feel so warm and toasty, like you're curled up in front of a roaring fire in the fireplace reading a good book (preferably by Deborah Lynne ha-ha). Perfect. As long as you live you'll miss the loved ones who have gone on before you, but make sure you find plenty of time to enjoy the ones still living. And the great thing is, we'll see our loved ones who believed also, in Heaven. Praise God!

Speaking of that, Have any of you read the book Heaven is Real? My sister-in-law, Brenda, loaned it to me and I finished it this past Friday. The young boy who experienced Heaven told his story over a period of time to his parents and then his dad put it into a book. The boy at the time of his near death experience was the same age Rachael (our oldest daughter) was when she had the brain tumor. What an awesome testimony this young boy has been able to share. His experience answered so many questions people have all the time about different things, but figured, well that's one I'll ask God when I'm there. But through the innocence of this young boy some answers have been given in advance, but mostly his experience reiterated how right-on the Word is...which as a believer I know the Word is the truth. If anyone says something contrary to what the Word says, than he or she is the one in error. The Bible is never wrong. Well sometimes we interperate it incorrectly by trying to take a partial line or a complete Scripture verse out of context. Sometimes we hand pick here and there trying to make the Word tell us something when in our hearts we know that wasn't what God meant or said or whatever. Anyway, I'm getting off track here. I just meant to say, it was a very interesting book and a good read.

Saturday night we went to Bethany World Prayer Center, South Campus, for Christmas Now. What an awesome celebration! The music was usual. The song that stood out the most was Little Drummer Boy. Our main drummer, Andra, at Bethany sang the song, but joining him on stage were other drummers and the set up and timing of the beating of the drums was so overwhelming, breathtaking, awe-inspiring I pray Bethany down loads the whole of Christmas Now...including Pastor Jonathan Stockstill's short but direct and to the point message where all can see. What a blessing!!

Sunday morning, the day of celebration arrived and all is right in our world because we are only temporarily here in this world. Our world is our eternity in Heaven. Jesus came to save. Praise God, He did. Believers in Jesus Christ are at peace in this world because they know they will live eternally in Heaven.

Thank you Lord for that peace you give us. Help us to be all You've called us to be!!

For an update on my latest novel, Testimony of is completed. A friend volunteered to read it through for me one more time before sending it off to my publisher, Ramona Tucker with OakTara Publishing. Of course, I accepted and gave her a copy of the completed manuscript. I'm so excited and can't wait to get it to Ramona. We'll be posting details of when the release is expected in 2012 on my web site so remember to check in periodically at to keep to the most up-to-date information.

I hate to pass on my update on weight loss, but go figure--This holiday month I have put a couple of those pounds I had lost back on. It's so hard to remove unwanted weight, but so easy to pack it back on. So I'm back at 24 pounds lost since I found 2 of the earlier ones. DON'T GET ME WRONG. I TRULY WASN'T LOOKING. So sad, but I admit, I loved the chocolate chip cookies, hershey candies, crackers and dips, and other tidbits that sat around in candy dishes in my home. I'm sure the roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, greenbeans and the other items in our dinner menu didn't do it to me. It was all the goodies laying around. And when you bake part of it, it is so hard to resist. Trust me. I know. But 2012 is a new year. Hopefully, yes most definitely, I will get myself back on track and continue to drop more weight.

So to all of you who read my blog, enjoy the rest of 2011 and look forward to 2012.

Think of the possibilities. Be all you can be!

Writing tip:

I know I skipped this part last time. Sorry.

The thing that comes to mind as I sit here and try to think of something important to share with other writers is this...take criticism well. People who take time to critique your work are sharing what they find distracting to your piece you want to release. They are trying to help you make it all it can be. Sometimes their suggestions may not be what you want to hear, but you need to listen. If more than one tell you the same thing, for sure do not ignore their advice. You are still the writer, but if you want to be a writer people enjoy reading, take time to listen and then take time to fix the problem.

There is nothing more distracting than to find an author you love, maybe even have read a lot of his/her books and you find errors in their latest novel. Minor errors that could have been fixed. These were overlooked by her, her critique partners, and proof readers at their publishing company. Sometimes an error will slip through the cracks, no matter how famous the author is or how big the publsihing house is.  It happens. But as the author it is your job to go through it as many times as necessary and get rid of the errors. Make your manuscript or short story or poem the best it can be.

I have two wonderful critique partners, Emy White & Marie Barber, who do a stupendous job critiquing my writing. I'm so thankful for them. And throughout my career others have helped and I'm grateful to them too. They are all the best!!

So my advice to you is allow fellow members of your writing group or special friends you've connected to, be a help in making you all you can be in your writing career. Criticism is a must if you want to grow as a writer. Remember, they are not putting you down or your writing. They are only suggesting ways to make it better.


New Year's Eve is a night to be careful. A lot of people over celebrate, and sometimes do it in a way that is very unsafe to others as well as to them self. So enjoy the rest of 2011 and be careful on 12/31/11. Take care of you and others by making right choices.

Time is a gift. Use it wisely. Bye for now!

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