Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Time of the Season

Good morning everyone.

Christmas is a few days away but the season is here!! Isn't it wonderful? Have you taken time to just drive around your city and enjoy the lights? I love Christmas. God gave us the best holiday ever when He gave us His Son. So many people can't wait until this holiday season (Christmas) is over. I wish it was here more often. Of course than it would truly lose its meaning...peace on earth, good will toward men. I mean we'd end up taking it for granted. Oh well. It's here now. Enjoy Christmas time.

I have to tell you I've watched my share of Christmas movies this past week. I love them. My favorite being, of course, White Christmas, but we'll get back to that one. One of the movies I watched was made in 1944. I used to love those old movies, but in the past ten to fifteen years I've thought, not for me. But this one grabbed me early. It had Shirley Temple as a teenager. I've never seen a Shirley Temple movie with her older than about 7, so I decided to watch it. And talk about make me cry. It made me proud too. The movie reminded me why I've been so proud all my life to live in America. We sometimes take it for granted that we live in a country that was labeled the land of the free & the home of the brave. This movie took place during WWII at Christmas time. I'm not going to get into the movie except to say, when they talked about the Statue of Liberty and what it said, I cried my eyes out. Today America has so many people from so many lands around the world we tend to think or say, if you don't like it, go home. That wasn't the plan when our men fought for our freedom. And it wasn't and isn't just our freedom. It was freedom for everyone who wants to come here and live in the land full of hopes and dreams. I know, our country is pretty full up, so there isn't much open land, but it's still a country with people full of dreams. I'M LIVING MINE NOW AND I PRAISE GOD FOR IT. There are other countries in the world that are just as special as America. The main thing is, take time to thank God He planted you in the one He chose for you, and make your dreams come true by trusting in Him. God made the whole world...and everything He made was good. Unfortunately man (& woman) knows how to mess things up. But we don't have to. Love who you are by living the life God chose for you.

NOW go watch a good movie.

Wait. No. Don't leave yet. Read the rest of my blog. :-)

Another movie I watched this week was White Christmas. My kids will tell you that is my favorite. First because I love singing the songs with them, AND, I love dancing or pretending I'm the one dancing that number with Danny Kaye and wearing that blue dress...spinning out around the pole over the water and ... I could go on and on. I won't. But I did discover just how old I am. (don't tell anyone). Anyway I heard Rosemary Clooney (yes, its his Aunt) tell her little sister she obviously hadn't read their mother's letter. It turns out their brother was out of the country in Alaska. Ha-ha-ha. I mean I've watched that movie at least once a year for the past thirty years and NEVER caught that. But yes. There was a time Alaska was not part of America. And in all the years I've watched that, it never stood out. Well my sister-in-law, Brenda, was born in Alaska, and this time it really caught my attention. So much so, I had to look it up and see when Alaska became part of America. That was almost a week ago and my memory is short, but I believe I found it was in 1959. So by watching a movie I enjoyed I also learned a little history. Isn't that amazing.

Even though the second movie didn't talk about the birth of Christ and that is the reason for the season, it did show that Christmas was the time of year we give to others, think of others, bring joy to others. And yes it would be wonderful if we did it all year long, but we're flesh and blood people and unfortunately we think about ourselves more than others, more than not. Hey. I'm just speaking truth here, myself included...but at this time of year I pray more and more for God to help me be more and more like Jesus every day. And we all know what that means...serving others, putting them before self. Okay. On that note I'm going to say --- Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy your last minute shopping, or the lights, or the music, or the parties, or ALL of it.

My grandson, Koby, was in a Christmas play the other night that was wonderful. Of course he was the best; I might be a little prejudice, but grannies can do that. BTW all the kids did a great job. The little story was so cute and through the laughter and gaiety of the story, the truth about the reason for Christmas was told. God gave us the best, the brightest, the biggest, the gift that keeps on giving gift--His Son. But if you don't receive the gift, you'll never have the peace, the joy, the eternal life in Heaven that Jesus can bring you.

In case I haven't said it...I love Christmas!!

For those of you who have been reading my blog I have to say, Tutu has not been back in weeks. That's why I haven't been talking about the big brown bird. I hope he's okay. The geese stayed away for a while too, but occasionally they swoop down and float around on the lake. They even waddle around on the land looking for food when they can't catch a fish.

Speaking of fish, we met another neighbor. He feeds the fish regularly. We found out our lake is overflowing with catfish. Those of you who read this and aren't from down south, I don't know if you love the fried catfish like we do...but boy-oh-boy, I asked Scott how much longer before he and Jerry start fishing. Not that I'll fry the fish, mind you. That's messy. I don't mind cleaning the mess, but I don't want to make it AND clean it. One or the other.

Ooops. Maybe I've told y'all too much about me. No, that's okay. Truth is truth.

My daughter, Rachael, the one who lives in California, made a big, actually 2 big pots of jambalaya for her Cali friends...A touch of the south cooking on the west coast. She and a friend of hers made a pot of chicken & sausage jambalaya and a pot of seafood jambalaya. That was the first time she attempted the seafood one, and she said the last, but it came out good too and both pots were eaten up in a few hours at the VA hospital she works in.

I'm going to skip the writing tip today. I hope you writers don't mind. Nothing is coming to mind to share at the moment. Maybe it's because I'm so close to the final draft of Testimony of Innocence, that's all I can think about. Oh, I'm loving it. I hope all of you get your copy when the book comes out in the middle of 2012 and I hope you love it too. And if you haven't read the first book in The Samantha Cain Series, Be Not Afraid by Deborah Lynne (me), go to Amazon.com and order it today. I mean it is a series, not that you have to have read the first one to enjoy the second one, but I always find you tend to enjoy them more when you read the whole series. Just like the O'Malley series by Dee Henderson. You get to know the characters that repeat in the series better and better...and you get to meet new ones.

So all of you writers, keep on writing...and all of you readers keep enjoying our books. God gifted us when he allowed us to write stories we could share with others. So enjoy the reads. And I hope to see you at one of my signings. I'm sure they'll be starting back up the middle of next year.

God bless you all and have a wonderful Christmas. I love you.


One more thing I forgot to say, Jerry (my husband's best friend) is doing great after his heart attack and stint put in to correct the 90% blockage. He said God was so good to him during this time. Jerry prayed for peace and God kept him from worrying and stressing over what he was going through...and then everything went well. Jerry said he was blessed!! Isn't that great??

Bye again.

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