Friday, December 16, 2011

The Friday Morning Special Edition of Tuesday Morning Blogging

Ha-ha. How is that for a title? All of you who have a sports enthusiast in the house (or is one) has heard that title in a slight variation...Thursday Night Edition of the Monday Night Football!!

Hi all!

Needless to say, I'm not the sports nut in my home although I have started watching LSU football and The Saints football. I dipped my toes...or should I say eyes...into it a little last year. How could I not? LSU and the Saints were doing well. AND now this year...WOW!!! I'm loving it. Okay...Enough football.

As you can see, I'm late with my blog. This was supposed to be typed Tuesday morning, but again life got in the way. Sorry. I truly love writing this blog. I feel so connected with everyone.

My husband's best friend since middle school had a heart attack Monday night. We found out Tuesday morning. It was kind of funny, but not. His name is Jerry. He and Scott were supposed to go fishing that day. When Jerry called I answered and asked how he was doing. At that time I expected him to say something about being better when they get out on the water. Instead he said, "I could be better." Again I assumed he was saying he could be better if they were already out on the water. When Scott got on the phone, I heard him say. What? Are you kidding? Are you joking? And I'm sitting there screaming in my mind, WHAT?? Finally Scott said, Jerry's in the hospital and he had a heart attack last night. It was such a shock. Turned out by him having the heart attack the doctors found he had 90% blockage and they did surgery Wednesday. A stint (?) was put in. They sent his friend home yesterday. Amazing how quick this is done now adays and the patient released so quickly. Praise God, Jerry didn't have to have open heart surgery. To hear Jerry talk today, he feels so good. He didn't even know he felt so bad...even though he had a few warning signs. Men. Will they ever listen? (I may tell you more next week on this.)

Okay. Enough. Let's spread some cheer. Have y'all done your Christmas shopping? It's been a blast wrapping presents. Grandkids, nieces, nephews, it's so much fun shopping for them. Our first Christmas party is tonight at our new home. I can't wait to watch the kids tear into their wrappings. Tonight is my husband's family Christmas party. Next Friday is my family. As time passes our older ones (grandparents, parents) pass on and new ones are born (nieces and nephews, etc). God is so good. He gave us His Son so we could live eternally with Him in Heaven. Thank you Jesus for doing God's will and dying for us. His birth is what we are celebrating and as God gave us the gift of Him, so we give gifts to others. The full circle of giving...isn't that grand? So keep your eyes and heart open to give wherever God leads you.

Usually I take you through my week one day at a time, but this past week has been so busy with the 30 day inspection on the house (anything we find wrong, they have to come fix) and getting pictures on the wall and Christmas shopping done and wrapping them...and then Jerry's heart attack with a blessed ending or beginning should I say, I can't even begin to make a list of all the things that went on this past week. The main thing is God is good in everything, and He blesses those who love Him and seek Him. That's in His Word and He keeps it. Thank You, Lord!

I'm going to try to share some pictures I've taken...bring a little Christmas lights from my home into yours. This is when I wish I could get comments back on this blog. Unfortunately most people have had a hard time doing that. Thank God, y'all still contact me through email and twitter and facebook. This blog is supposed to let you comment, but it hasn't for so many of you. Anyway, I'd love for you to share some pictures with me. And if I do it right, I'm about to share some with you. Here goes:

By Job, I think I've got it!

I hope they appeared on your screen, where you too can enjoy the pictures. We put a touch of Santa along side the true meaning of Christmas -- the birth of Baby Jesus. Our new neighborhood had several houses lit up nicely. I love Christmas time of year. Every one is in a more loving, more giving spirit.

Smile everyone!! I'll talk to you one more time before Christmas, so enjoy your life God has blessed you with and keep on smiling.

Writing Tip of the Week:

My tip today is -- not to give up. I'm sure you've heard plenty of people tell you, "I have the story you should write." They think its so easy. It is...and it isn't. It's best if we write the story God gives us. That story they want to give you to write, may be there story, or one not worth sharing. Stick to your own unless led differently by God. And when you do write your story, as most of you already know, it's not finished after one writing. And sometimes its hard to get it from the beginning to the end...but YOU can do it. Don't give up. Keep on writing.

When you have completed it, take time to go back through your manuscript and look for ways to improve it. A lot of times as the author you know something but you forget to share it with the reader. Some things that make sense to you, don't to the reader, so be sure and have 1 to 3 people read your manuscript after you think you are through. Have them read through and make suggestions in places where you need to give more details or describe things a little better (Remember - show don't tell!!). And who knows, they might find some typos too. Unfortunately, those are always found, so tell them to mark them boldly...and hopefully all will be gone before you send it to your publisher.

I share this with you because I've been working on the second in the Samantha Cain Series...Testimony of Innocence. It is almost ready...ready to send to my publisher.

It is so much fun to write, to be the creator of the fiction. I'm so glad God is in control of the big picture -- all the world -- but it is fun writing your own novel. I hope if you haven't read; Grace, a Gift of Love, All in God's Time, Be Not Afraid, and/or Passion from the Heart, you will get your copy soon and check out my writing. You can go to your favorite local bookstore (my favorite local ones are -- The BookRack and The Bible & Book Center) (truly I love ALL BOOKSTORES) or your nearest LifeWay or order on line through Amazon to get the book you haven't read. Enjoy them. All the stories are fiction, but God is real. (He gives me the stories and then allows me a free hand in writing them.)

Love you all. Take care and God Bless

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  1. You're right it's very hard to comment here because they didn't give me a profile that I could use. Trying to again.

    Your house is beautifully decorated. We have the same striped pillows on the couch . I have all the outside done and all but the dining room inside. Have a lot of new silver stuff to put in there for the first time and have to give it some thought.

    Have a great Christmas and New Year